Experience in Kamla Nehru College as a freshman – First Year Student in Delhi University


‘ Delhi university ‘ is another dream place for all the students who somewhat traded all their happiness for the same during their class 12th. Being a second-year student of Kamala Nehru College (DU), as I walk down the memory lane, I realise that I have changed a lot. I am not the same person I was one year down the road and that brings me so much of happiness. After having spent around one year at college, I could easily pen down a few points for the upcoming freshmen so to make their college life a little easier.

Experience in Kamla Nehru College

Firstly, Delhi University is always buzzing with fest on even semesters and all the societies are amazing.! Something I would always recommend to my juniors. Studies are one part of the growing up process, the other part that you learn is when you explore what you are good at. Being a part of any of the society (debating, dance, creative writing, ENACTUS, etc) you develop some serious leadership and teamwork qualities. One thing, life more than just marks. College is that period of your life when you can learn what you are good at . Instead of focusing what you are weak at, one must triple down on his/her strengths. All the societies play an amazing role for the same.

Secondly, don’t be a bookworm and step out of your comfort zone. Yes.! I know getting a decent SGPA matter. I totally understand that. But what about all those startup plans you had while you were at school?  This is the perfect time to work on that. DU opens the gate to all the opportunities that one can avail. The tag of DU student will follow you up to any organization you stretch your hands out for as they see a potential in you.

Thirdly, do as many internships as you can. Internships are a great way of learning about the great work ethic of any organization. This helps you grow because once you get placed to a decent company after graduation I think neither Karl Marx nor J.W. Garner theories are going to figure out how to prepare a decent file and conduct a good meeting while playing the role of an HR assistant manager.

Fourthly, when you enter those gates of DU, remember that your mind should be formless and you should be open to all opinions. One loses his or her individuality if they lack opinions, be it in the case if politics or general administration and learn not to feel offended. You will come across many types of people coming from different socio-economic backgrounds. You got to learn to be a good person in that environment. There might be people who are from the LGBTQ community, perhaps this could be something new to you. But remember to respect that instead of gazing at them with an eye of suspicion.

Lastly, you will miss home if you are an outstation student. Things might get difficult with roommates and batch mates but remember that they are ‘ Family away from home’. Cherish these days, for Delhi University, has a lot to offer than I could even explain as it seems to be completely beyond my comprehension and it’s up to you how to avail every opportunity that these red walls got for you.

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