Experience in the College Dance Team as a fresher | Tale of a fresher interested in Dancing


I was all done with my schooling life and now all excited for my upcoming college life. The journey of my life being a science student(non-medical) was all filled with competition and stress, praying for getting into a good engineering college all the time. Once I was over with my class 12 board exams and college entrances, I was totally relaxed. Now I was all ready for my new journey which was the college life. The moment I entered the college I was filled with excitement and a bit of nervousness too. In the beginning months, I got to know about the college teams which made me realize that only studying is not important in college. I was very interested in dance. During my childhood days, I showed this talent of mine on many occasions be it parties or school functions. But here in college, my journey was going to be a bit different. I left dancing for more than almost two years. So, I was a bit tensed about this but stood up with all the motivation inside me calling me to perform and be inside the team. I gathered all the details about my college dance team(Western Dance) and then appeared for the auditions too.

College dance team auditions

In order to be in the team obviously, I had to appear for the auditions before a bunch of spectators and a large crowd inside the college auditorium. I was tensed about what if I spoil my entire performance, the entire college was going to laugh at me. But, I gathered courage and my mother’s words helped me too here, as a result, I kept such thoughts aside and concentrated towards my song. But what song to choose? This question was running into my mind continuously. Whichever song to choose always keep in mind that the song should match your body language and bring energy among the people sitting out there, said once my classmate. I was watching Tv and then there finally I choose the song which was a famous Bollywood song. I was finally done with the song and all I was doing practice and practice after song selection.

Finally, the D-Day arrived. I was all set with the music in my pen drive and with the choreography I made. I found people like me appearing for the first time before the bunch of spectators having the same set of expressions and nervousness I had on my face. Then turn by turn names were being called which was raising my heartbeat every moment out there. Finally, they called out my name and my heartbeat went up to the zenith. I stood up on stage. In no time the music started and my steps too. All I was doing there was my steps which warmed the entire crowd. The moment the song ended, I was all surrounded with applauses and praises. I would never forget this struggling day which brought the fame of being a dancer in my life. In the evening, the results were out which made me crazy as I got selected.

Homage to loving seniors for their sessions to us.

Now, believe me, to thank your seniors for their teachings and motivation is really a very difficult job. You would become speechless when it comes to express your respect through some words which become nearly impossible to pen down in just a short paragraph where an entire book would be less. My seniors were truly amazing and wonderful. Besides choreography, they taught me dedication, team spirit, and many life skills. They scolded for my mistakes but blessed me too whenever I was having a hard time in my life. It is very truly said that when you become a member of a team, you actually end up making a new family. The same thing I even experienced which I earlier used to just listen to people. It was the result of their scoldings, huge warm hugs, motivations, tip saddles along with the workshops sessions which brought out the hidden dancer in me.

These workshop sessions were conducted weekly for the betterment of the entire team.

Competitions and the team-spirit.

Now the most challenging, fun though part for a college team is the participation in different colleges. Such competitions not only become out the true dancer inside us but also brings the team closer. Being a dance team member, we had to give a part of our everyday routine to this society in order to achieve the hall of fame for our college and win some amazing prizes. It is only through competitions and practice sessions which helped to move out of our comfort zones. Performing in front of a huge crowd removes the stage fear from your mind. These competitions and the memories associated is truly priceless.

Now the time has arrived for whatever I have learned from my seniors to deliver to my juniors. I am becoming a senior now and as a senior, I would like to advise only one thing to all, just do what you want. Being inside the classrooms, sitting ideal and waiting for the next class only is worthless. You must open up your wings to excel in whatever you always wanted to. Now, the time has arrived to live up your life to the fullest because if not today, there might not be a tomorrow.