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If you belong to that category of students who barely breathe before exams and mess up the whole point of examination and miss out on the fun of college life! Then it is the best time for you to stop contemplating and start acting. The main reason for exams is to test knowledge and skills but the stress somewhere ruins the possibility of scoring high and utilizing the minimum time left. You need to make the best of your time without further procrastination and here is how you arrange your pre-exam schedule in an organized manner. This can be your secret mantra to do well in the scoresheet and acknowledging your self-confidence. So, here are some exam tips to help you.

Here are 5 exam tips to ace the exam

1. Do not over study

Do not over study - Exam Tips- Study hacks to follow before exam starts

The key to scoring high is not cramping your head with too many exhausting details. If you are working hard brainless that won’t help you in any manner to host your marks. Try to organize them outline the topics and mark the important points so as to revise them quickly. while solving the question papers of past years, try to keep a tab on the time management since it is very vital in scoresheets to boost and performing better in all exams.

2. Time slots for each subject

Time Slots for each Subject - Exam Tips- Study hacks to follow before exam starts

Yes, you need to focus on the weak points as well as the strong points, Take a piece of paper and outline the subjects you are good at and the one you fear facing. Then try to enhance the time slots assigned to the tough subjects respectively and don’t be overconfident about the subjects you are comfortable with either and be consistent with it as well. For example, If you hate maths, then practice it for 1 hour daily and see the difference in your mark sheets!

3. Chill out

Chill out - Exam Tips- Study hacks to follow before exam starts

A single sheet of paper is definitely not going to mark your life. Want to go to a movie with friends? Do go out. It is essential to break your routine sometimes to be fully dedicated towards your productivity. Keep in mind the schedule and alternate it accordingly, so that it does not hamper your classes or your studies! Some people get over panicked before exams and isolate themselves from the world but it only leads to increased stress.

4. Try not to use your phone

Use your phone less - Exam Tips- Study hacks to follow before exam starts

Our parents were right when they said that our mobile phones drains our brain and is a huge distraction. It may be extravagant to watch Mr. Sharma’s Ming boggling posts on facebook but why waste time on deceptive posts when you have your own errands to run?

It is indeed true to use the phone for very limited during exams and focusing on your subjects to effectively excel at them during exams.

5. Meditate

Meditate - Exam Tips- Study hacks to follow before exam starts

Good thoughts result in good actions. Meditation is such a magical way to clean your thoughts and have a pure intellectual outlet. It is a strong weapon to have good concentration depth and fathom the focus on studies so as to score well in exams.