Engineering Life And Hostel – A Roller Coaster Ride | Story of an Engineer


A Roller Coaster ride – Engineering and Hostel Life

Self-independent journey

The journey of being self-independent starts from your hostel life. It is the place where you come out of your parents protective shell and live a life without many restrictions. The time you spend here teaches a lot of things to you specially time management. There are a lot of advantages living in hostel, but the darkest secret is getting addicted towards consumption of alcohol, weed and many such things which are injurious to our health and can lead to losing focus from our goals. It’s our self control that can help us to stay away from these substances.

Transformation into a matured person

Self Infependent Journey - Engineering a roller coaster ride

Hostel life creates an atmosphere where you get matured as the time moves on. A child away from parents protective shell is able to see the real world from which he/she was protected since the time he/she was born.
Life always creates two paths; one right and another wrong in the same way hostel does. It creates a constructive path and the destructive path. It’s upto you which one you want to choose.

Ways of enjoyment

Counter Strike, Engineering and Hostel life, A roller coaster ride

There are many ways to enjoy in hostel like chilling out with friends, playing any kind of sport or PC games such as counterstrike. And whenever you feel sad you will always find friends around you to cheer you up.

You will always find some of your friends better than you so it creates an atmosphere of learning and teaching which will always enhance your knowledge and skills which might help you in future.

Birthday celebration

Birthday Celebration, Engineering a roller coaster ride

The way of celebrating the birthday in our home gets totally opposite to the way we celebrate in our hostels. You will be kicked in your bums by your friends which will be followed by having a cake. After this, the whole cake will be applied to your face like a cream due to which you won’t be able to see your face. These moments will always make you smile whenever you get nostalgic.

Competition for everything

You will face competition for each and everything in college ranging from studies & sports to taking a bath. Yes, you read it correctly “Taking a bath” most of the students don’t bath for 20 odd days just to beat their mates. If you are thinking that you will find only nerds in you college than you are wrong, many of the students are extremely talented in different things like sports & music.

Up’s and Down’s

There are a lot of up’s and down’s during your engineering. Like sometimes the results ain’t in your favour, relationship problems and many such things which makes you disheartened so always try to share it with one of your friends because he/she will cheer you up and make you happy as you are in an engineering college where surviving alone is very difficult.

Last Day

This might be one of the saddest day’s in your life when you pack your bags and you know that you are never going to come again here which might bring tears, and then a series of flashback comes from your 1st day till the last day you stay in the hostel.