Engineering College Review – A review of K.J. Somaiya College Of Engineering


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.This famous quote by the great Nelson Mandela is unfortunately chiseled by our education system by protruding this weapon to only one word-‘Exams’. The cycle of life for an Indian Student is incomplete for without the chivvies of the entrance exams. Entrance exams are absolutely necessary for admission to almost every other course, the flag-bearer of which is Engineering’. Amidst all the hassle involved in preparing for the exams, students and parents often forget to have a good look at the reviews of any particular college. This could lead to them taking a bad decision and thus end up spoiling or wasting away the future of the student along with the exorbitant amount of money paid to gain access to the variety of opportunities out there. An ideal college is one which caters to the needs of the nerdy, the average as well as the extracurriculars enthusiast. In a similar way, a perfect review is one which is written by the student who experiences all the ebbs and flows of the college atmosphere. Don’t worry, as this article won’t be a typical rant by a frustrated student. Instead, this article is going to be a  perfectly unbiased and honest review of K.J. Somaiya College Of Engineering(KJSCE) from the point of view of its current student.

A review of K.J. Somaiya College Of Engineering


KJ Somaiya College Of Engineering is an autonomous college affiliated to Mumbai University. It was established in 1981 and awarded the autonomous status in 2014. This autonomy is a huge advantage to the prestige of the college, as this status allows them to make considerable changes in the syllabi as well as award the Btech(Bachelor of Technology) certificate instead of the obsolete BE(Bachelor Of Engineering). Right now, the college offers engineering courses in five branches-Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical, Electronics and Electronics and Telecommunications. The college is well-known in Mumbai and ranks among the top 2-3 engineering colleges(excluding IIT Bombay) in Mumbai. But before arriving to a haphazard conclusion,  let’s take a look at some of the important factors which define KJSCE and this review:-


 To get admitted to KJSCE, you need to score a minimum of 150(out of 200) in your MHT-CET(Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test) to guarantee a seat in branches like Information Technology, Electronics and Electronics and Telecommunications. For Computer Science and Mechanical branch aspirants, a minimum score of 160 is necessary.


The college has tried to make full use of its autonomy status. I say tried because they keep wringing in changes to the syllabus every year. As for now, KJSCE has introduced audit courses which are to be mandatorily completed by the student in order to gain the final degree. These audit courses include technical subjects like Digital marketing, web technologies, Embedded programming and more. Students who are proliferating of these technical courses can take up non-technical audit subjects like Tabla, Science Of Living, Music and more. Others can also find their interests in vocational languages like Japanese, German and Mandarin. As far as the traditional syllabus is considered, there hasn’t been a significant change except for the fact that the college has introduced a couple more lab-based sessions on programming languages.


Mediocre. Frankly, that’s the most appropriate term that I can think of. The professors at this college are highly qualified but are unable to showcase their knowledge properly. The exception is the Maths faculty who not only have an excellent command over their subject but also manage to display the same really well. But, don’t worry, since you can always rely on the Youtube videos to save your day, especially during the exams!


Probably the best in Mumbai. The college houses various technical councils like CSI, EESA, IEEE, etc. ‘Orion’ the racing team of the KJSCE, has managed to win laurels at the International level. For the non-technical buffs, we have the Quiz club, a Math club, a drama team, a dance team, an official band and what not. Furthermore, you can form your own group or hobby club to recruit like-minded people. These councils are sure to help you learn a lot and evolve as an individual. So, groom yourself with these plethoras of opportunities spoon-fed by the college.


KJSCE hosts two official festivals every year. These two festivals are:- ‘Abhiyantriki’-a technical festival hosted during the Odd Semester and ‘Symphony’-a cultural festival hosted during the Even Semester. Both these festivals witness huge participation from various colleges and also score big in terms of the number of sponsors and the celebrities attending and endorsing the same. Take part in these fests as they are sure to help you experience something new. Overall, don’t miss out on these fun activities!


Once again, the college scores big on internships. Internships are the baby-steps to ensure that we set the right footing in the industry. So, KJSCE has a separate internship cell which keeps informing students about internships throughout the year. Students have also managed to score internships with biggies like Morgan Stanley. Also, KJSCE houses a full-functioning startup called ‘Riidl’ which keeps offering internships to students in various domains such as content marketing, digital marketing, android development and more.


The final output of the hard work that we put in throughout these four years. Well, KJSCE boasts of 100 percent placements with the average package being around 3.5 to 4 lakhs p.a. The highest package offered has been 18 lakhs which were bagged by a student from the IT department. Dream Companies like Microsoft, Google, Barclays offer packages worth 10 lakhs per annum and students do manage to bag them. For students aspiring to go for higher students, KJSCE also organizes seminars. Ultimately, it all comes to down to your skills and demeanor during the interview sessions.


The one negative aspect of this college. KJSCE has an exorbitant fee structure with its annual fee being 1.8 lakhs. But, KJSCE does offer various scholarships to the academically prolific and needy students.

Final Thoughts

Well, most of the points jotted above definitely prove the pros of the college. Its main con (in my opinion) lies in the fee structure. But, are those few notes of currency really that important compared to a ward’s future? I don’t think so. If you are really keen about your specified branch and would like to contribute to it in some way and are really intrigued in grooming yourselves,(provided you score the above-mentioned marks) then yeah KJSCE is a good investment to make. However, if you simply wish to gain a degree certificate with no particular solicitude towards any branch, then you might as well go for an engineering in a possibly unconventional branch like Textile or Instrumentation from VJTI (just to save some bucks and get associated with the reputed college)