Educational channels on YouTube – 7 educational channels to answer your queries


TV’ s successor YouTube hosts a diverse array of educational channels with hundreds of videos apiece, waiting to astound you. The people behind these videos are asking big questions about the universe, trying to answer your queries. In the realms of science, history, economics, also the topics that were not covered in schools, creative geniuses are making the most of the medium. Here are some educational channels on YouTube you must subscribe to.

7 Educational Channels On YouTube for Students

1. TED

TED is an international community dedicated to escalating ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful and influential talks. TED-talks are multi-lingual videos that educate people on multiple topics, on everyday matters of medicine and global issues. If you want to know how other people think and live, see the world in a different perspective definitely check out this channel.

Also, check out TED-Ed. It offers short video lessons on a spectacular variety of topics. These short animated videos make dry subjects effortless and fun to learn. If you have a hard time explaining Heisenberg’s principle, turn to TED-Ed.

2. Crash Course

Critically acclaimed writer John Green is behind this famous educational channel Crash  Course. These 10-12 minute video lessons cover topics on economics, physics, philosophy, astronomy, politics, psychology, all most everything. With marvelous graphics, humor and a cast full of knowledge, these videos combine fun and education.

3. How to adult

This YouTube channel enlightens its audience on real-life topics which are not covered in schools such as relationships, employment, housing, taxes, cleaning and mental health. These monthly videos on are styled between  10-15 minutes and imparts knowledge in a fun and entertaining manner.

4. College Info Geek

Thomas Frank publishes videos on studying, habits and tips to help you with your studying techniques. He has multifarious tips on productivity, motivation, strategies and even tools and resources to help make your learning smart and successful.

5. The School of Life

Looking for a channel to expand your horizons and mind here it is. The School of Life is a place that tries to answer the great and intricate questions of life, including wisdom, emotional intelligence, and self-understanding. These videos touch on different themes that influence our lives, such as philosophy, political theory, history, sociology and much more. These videos tried to induce higher thinking and better living.

6. Alternate History Hub

An enthralling channel, Alternate History Hub explores “What if?” of history, how different our lives would have been if major events in the US and world history had gone an alternate path. Taking into consideration the geography, population and historical facts had a history taken a different direction these videos show how our living style would change.

7. VICE News

VICE News is a current affairs channel, popular for its coverage of “un-reported news”. Publishing daily documentary essays and videos it has a wide array of news including topics such as Syrian Civil War, Global Warming, melting of Antarctica’s glaciers, the LGBTQ community and so much more.

When it comes to college there are few questions which your parents can answer, few questions your siblings can answer, few your friends can answer but at times it is not enough. Subscribe to these educational channels and get your queries and uncertainties answered.