Easy ways to maintain health – Tips everyone should follow to maintain health


All of you must have heard this quote at least hundred times from all the people around you. But that quote actually stands true; with the world, today turning into materialistic one all we care about is wealth, money and all that. However, if you want to lead a happy life then you must concentrate on your health as well, as the human body is nothing but a machine and if you do not take its care then it will surely break down midway and will lead to hassles that no one ever wants to face.

So, taking all these points in mind we present some easy to follow and effective health tips which you can practice very easily and they will lead you to some very good and effective

Easy ways to maintain health

  • Drink two glasses of lukewarm water, first thing in the morning. Add some honey or Apple Cider vinegar or just a few drops of lemon juice. It will help maintain the physical fitness of your body.
  • Do some exercises, yoga or go for a morning walk. It will promote mental health and fitness. You can hit the gym for this purpose. You can increase the intensity once you start enjoying it.
  • Stop taking shortcuts, while moving around. If possible take the stairs. Always try to walk extra steps, especially if your college campus is a biggie then you must walk.
  • Include seasonal fruits or dry-fruits in breakfast. It will help to maintain the pH level of your body.
  • Cut down the white sugar from your intakes, instead use jaggery.
  • Include some portion of curd or buttermilk in your lunch. It will aid you in your stomach related issues.
  • Stop eating junk food, processed food and packed food. Instead of hitting on the canteen go out for some food from home.
  • Avoid packed Namkeen (Snacks), instead, take roasted chickpeas or roasted gram.
  • Increase intake of protein-rich food and fiber, avoid carbohydrates without fiber.
  • Increase the intake of seasonal vegetable or pluses in your food.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Never ever forget to carry your water bottle where ever you are going especially during summers.
  • Switch to Mustered oil or Olive oil instead of refined oils.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks like soda or cold-drinks. Drink buttermilk or dairy products instead.
  • Do fasting once in a week it will help your body to restore itself.
  • Cut down on caffeine intake, switch to green tea.
  • If you are in sitting job then take small breaks in each hour.
  • Play games like table tennis or badminton.
  • Ensure the gap of at least two hours between your dinner and bedtime.
  • Eat half the meal in your dinner in comparisons to your lunch.
  • Consume one glass of hot milk before going to the bed.

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All these health tips are easy to follow and in today’s fast paced life where people are on a race to beat others, one often tends to ignore the most important asset that we all have that is the human body. So, now even if you are fully grossed in your work and cannot work out then also you could maintain a good health.