DIY Hacks – 10 DIY hacks to modify your room | Give a Makeover to your room


Everyone desires to have a sound sleep in their rooms after a hectic day. But what if your room is not tidy enough to tempt you towards it?  Or are you bored from the interior of your room but your pocket does not allow to give it a makeover? Don’t worry, here are some tricks to modify your room and give it latest makeover, that too at affordable prices. Stunned? You feel that this is a bizarre thought? So, here are some DIY hacks to modify your rooms.

DIY hacks to modify your room

1. Photo Clock

Photo clock - DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

Do you want to display your pictures in an interesting and offbeat way? Here you go. This clock with your pictures is a really simple yet creative idea to accessorize your room. Gone are the days when rooms were filled with different pictures of yours, you just require twelve pictures to give a classy touch to your room. You can also use your filtered photos or just go for black and white. It is not complicated at all, all just you need is working hands of the clock and 12 pictures, combine it and you get an amazing way to show off your room.

 2. Tie and Dyed Pillow Covers

Colorful rooms are the eye catchers and spread jolliness all around. What is better than a handmade tie and dyed pillow covers? All you need is different bright colours, water and pillow covers. These pillow covers are so much fun to make and are really simple. Check out the video to learn the super easy trick.

3.String Light Decor

String Light Decor - DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

Want to spend your nights under stars? This one will bring stars in your room itself and it does not require any tutorial as it is super easy to make. All you need is to tie up strings of starry lights to the ceiling along with a white flowing cloth. The magic will start working once the darkness falls and these lights are lit up!

4. Creative Headboards

Creative headboards - DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

Creative headboards solely can change the entire look your room and there are different kinds of headboard you can opt for, that’s too at affordable prices. You can go for wooden headboards, handmade cutouts, colourful geometric headboards etc. If your entire room is simple, the creative headboards add a really personal touch to the room as it somewhat reflects your personality too!

5.Ping Pong Ball Chandelier

Getting a chandelier in every room costs a bomb! No worries, substitute ready-made expensive chandeliers with handmade one. Ping pong balls are easily available in the market and it will be fun to play with the balls and working with it. Here is the tutorial to gift your room a handmade chandelier. In this tutorial, the person is making a lamp, you can make a lamp too or just use copper wires to attach the chandelier to the ceiling.

6. Flower Hanging Pot

Flower hanging pots - DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

Are you a nature lover? Then this one is for you guys! You can hang flower pots near your window which will give a natural touch to your room. Make sure that the flower pots are light enough to be hanged. The plants will spread the positive energy and vibes in your room and of course, the fragrance will uplift your mood.

7. Dream Cather

Dream Catcher - DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

Dream catchers are of great significance- earlier it was hanged above or near the bed of children to protect them from evil spirits and bad dreams but now we can use it for two purposes. One- to shoo away the evil spirits and second- to decorate your room! You need not buy them from the market, instead make your own as these are very simple and less time-consuming. You just require some yarn, copper wires, feathers to make it. You can customize it according to you to give it a personal touch. So, have a good night, sweet dreams!

8. Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf - DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

Everyone desires to get a spacious room but not everyone gets it and there is nothing which can be thrown out of the room to make it a spacious one. But, after reading this one your desire will be fulfilled. Say goodbye to the extra furniture such as drawers and bookshelf and welcome hanging shelves, which will also make the room look elegant and classy. It is the most flexible way to make space in your room and to decorate it.

9. Hammock chair

Hammock Chair - DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

What an idea of switching to hammock chairs from wooden one! This obviously makes the room look larger along with giving you an all-time swing. One can easily make a hammock chair at home but keep in mind that you use good stuff otherwise you will just fall down and end up hurting yourself.

10. Pom-Pom Garlands

Pom-Pom Garlands -DIY Hacks - 10 DIY hacks to modify your room

Colorful Pom Pom garlands will not only add colors to your room but will give a life to it! These garlands are made of yarn and you can use it in whichever corner or place in your room. These garlands are insanely cute and trust me, anyone who will enter your room will admire these for sure. P.S.- These garlands will go best with the tie and dyed pillow covers.

These were some different and out of the box ideas which will lend you a helping hand to give a makeover to your comfort zone- your room. And of course, these ideas are pocket-friendly and you don’t have to spend much to bring these ideas to your room