Different career options after English Honors | Next steps after Graduation in English Honors


English honors have emerged as one of the most famous course and gets the highest number of applications every year. But people should now remove the misconceptions which are attached to this course such as- “Oh! You are doing English honors, then you will become an English teacher for sure.”  I, myself an English honors student have faced this statement numerous times. But guys, there are many more career paths and fields that are available to an English honors graduate. English honors graduate do not remain confined to the teaching field only. With the degree in hand, you can get jobs in various fields. Some of the career options after English honors are listed below.

Different Career options after English honors

1. Professional Writer

Professional Writer - Different career options after English Honors

There are innumerable career paths that an English honors graduate can go for and one such is that he/she can become a professional writer. A professional writer is not confined to a specific field and a person can opt for writing according to one’s interest. One can go for website content writer, scriptwriter, an author, travel writer etc. and also can work in a publication house. It all depends on one’s interest that which field attracts a person the most. Writers are in huge demand, so, grab your pens and just write all your thoughts.

2. Mass Communication

Mass Communication - Different career options after English Honors

Yes, mass communication is a significant field and there is no necessity of a degree in journalism at graduation level, even a person with a bachelors degree in English can opt this. Mass communication does not necessarily mean that a person can become a journalist, there is a pile of work done behind the screens too. In this field too, everything depends on your area of interest.

3. Teaching

Teaching, as said earlier is most famous career option after English honors. But, go in this field only if teaching is your passion. After doing bachelors degree, you can go for B.ed to teach at the school level and can also prepare further for NET if you want to teach at university level, the salary is tempting enough apart from the flexible work hours. You can also open your private institutes to teach at different levels.

Teaching - Different career options after English Honors

4. Translator

You can be a translator too.  As you are already proficient and fluent in English, you just have to learn one more language to be a translator and if you are already fluent in any other language then it’s like icing on the cake. You can also work for embassies. So, hello translators, a big salary is waiting for you!

5. Event Management

With the degree of bachelors in English in hand, one can also go event management. The companies basically look for the people who are fluent and can organize or manage events well. If you want to organize big parties, meetings or events then guys you must try in this line. You can also start your own company.

6. Social Media Marketing

There are a number of social media addicts all around and guys making it your profession is like a dream come true. Social media is a really popular thing now and entering this as a professional will give you a different identity altogether. Being an English honors student, your minds are filled with creative and convincing ideas, so using those ideas on social media will completely be a stunning and lovable job.

Social media marketing - Different career options after English Honors

7. Public Relations

A literature student has a different set of talents, one such is convincing power. Public relations is all about convincing which is obviously a difficult and challenging task but challenge lovers this is the right field for you. You can pursue public relations and there are different categories in which a person can choose according to one’s interest. You will get a large sum of money to convince people which is amazing.

Public Relations - Different career options after English Honors

8. Civil Services

I can imagine your reaction after reading this one. Shocked? Yes, you can pursue your career in this field too. You will be required to study and grasp a lot of knowledge but your degree of English honors will lend a helping hand to you. Generally, in civil services exams, they also check your views and opinions on specific topics, and we all know how convincing and spectacular answers English students have.

Civil Services - Different career options after English Honors

So, now I think that the misconception that English honors revolve only around teaching has been solved. You have many other career paths in which you can excel. Say goodbye to the myths and achieve success!

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