Descriptive Test for SBI PO | How to Prepare?


One of the most common queries that aspirants appearing for State Bank of India PO recruitment is how they should deal with Descriptive Test for SBI PO. SBI PO exam has recently introduced this section in the exam.  Applicants, especially from rural areas & towns, and students who haven’t studied in English medium find this part to be difficult than the objective test as it involves writing detailed answers in the English language. Now, there are some tips that you can follow to deal with the descriptive test for SBI PO  and score a good amount of marks in the exam.

Descriptive Test for SBI PO Exam Pattern

Let us first take a look at the pattern for the descriptive test for SBI PO. The descriptive test question paper will only have 2 questions related to:

  • Letter Writing
  • Essay Writing

Questions will be given only in English and answers should be typed using the keyboard. The marks and time limits are given below

  1. Total Marks : 50 Marks
  2. Total Duration: 50 Minutes

Descriptive Test for SBI PO: Common Questions

Let us take a look at the common questions that come in the exam

Letter writing topics

  • Write a letter to the manager of a firm to increase credit amount of loan taken.
  • Letter to the bank manager apologizing for the delay in EMI payment.
  • Letter to your brother indicating him on why you want to choose career in banking.
  • As a manager, write a letter to your collegues to conduct a meeting on PR strategy.
  • Write a letter to your younger sibiling explaining the importance of saving money
  • Letter to the bank manager for extension of joining date

Essays: (250 – 350 words)

  • Does providing educational loans help in empowering employment to youth?
  • How useful is the aadhar card?
  • Impact of unearthing of black money on the Indian economy
  • Importance of education in vernacular languages
  • Pros & cons of winning lotteries
  • Do brokers deserve the cut that they make on deals?
  • Security of women in the workspace, an increasing cause of concern
  • Entrance exams – a necessary evil
  • Pros & cons of Inflation

How to Prepare for Descriptive Test for SBI PO?

Let us take a look at how you can prepare for letter writing. You should follow these simple steps:

Tips for Letter Writing

  • Learn about the format of the letter
  • Understand the tone of the letter. If it is a professional letter, don’t be casual. If it is a letter to a relative, keep things casual.
  • Don’t use words that you don’t really know. If you only know basic words, stick to them.
  • Write simple sentences. There would be less chance of making grammatical errors.

Tips for Essay Writing

  • Have a Proper Structure for the Essay
  • Give a proper introduction. Write a few lines to give the background of the topic and how is it important.
  • Only give the information that you know for sure. Try to give figures as they would help to get more marks
  • You would have to write on a computer. So, practice typing on the computer.

So, these were some of the tips that you solve the descriptive test for SBI PO. The descriptive test is a new addition to SBI PO and IBPS PO banking exam. You can get an edge over the rest if you could score good marks in this section. For more such useful articles on banking exam preparation, keep browsing Topprnotes.