Delhi University – The Rich History Of Hindu College


Once upon a time, the chief platform to Mahatma Gandhi for motivating the youth of the country, Hindu College ( now affiliated to Delhi University) has been pulsating with vibrant young forces ever since it’s first stone was laid in the year 1899. Seen then as the first ray of hope in an intellectually dark period of India, the college with its golden past and illuminating future are presently scaling great heights too. In 2018, National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) rated Hindu 4th among colleges of India.

Sprawled regally in a mammoth 25-acre campus, Hindu College opens its gates for a plethora of courses in science, commerce and humanities alike. In fact, it has been famously given the title of ‘Star College’ for it’s stellar Department of Biotechnology by the Ministry of Science and Technology of India. However, it’s not just biotech which the institution excels in but also specialise in botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and statistics in the realm of science. For students coming from a humanities background, the college offers honours in sociology, political science, philosophy and history as well. Language courses in English, Hindi and Sanskrit are also available along with commerce and economics stringed in the package. In spite of its name, Hindu College caters to students coming from all educational and religious backgrounds and this is definitely it’s greatest forte.

Domiciled in the North campus of the University of Delhi, Hindu is a close neighbour of St Stephen’s College. The exemplary reputation of the institution can be easily understood with it’s soaring cut offs that never dip below 90%. Not only that, the college has been the alma mater to a number of hotshots like Arjun Rampal, Imtiaz Ali, Arnab Goswami and many more who practically trumpet the greatness of this institution on the big screen.

Another interesting facet of this college is its history that is deeply steeped in patriotic sentiments. Originally founded in Kinari Bazar of Chandni Chowk by Krishnan Dassji Gurwale, the college was fashioned as an affordable means of delivering nationalist education to the Indian youths. Hindu college sprung up at a time when the country was still writhing under the British Raj and embodied the cardinal need of the nation to empower its youth as a foolproof way to finding freedom and astronomical progress. Previously under the patronage of Punjab University that threatened to dissolve the college for its lack of infrastructure, Hindu college evolved into a premier institution when it switched to Delhi University in 1922 after Rai Bahadur Lala Sultan Singh donated squares of his property at Kashmiri Gate for the college to bubble and thrive on.

At present, the institution has improved manifold and has journeyed to become one of the most coveted colleges of India. The fee skirts around Rs 15000 as the college is equipped with a string of facilities ranging from a well-provided hostel to bank, sports complex, libraries, auditorium, laboratories, NCC and NSS rooms within its fold. Hindu also boasts of having a student’s parliament which is operating since 1935.

Additionally, there is a bevvy of other societies and debate groups that make sure to imbue students with an overall wholesome personality. Needless to say, Hindu College is a prestigious institution that is very much conscious of its legacy and aims to magnify it in exponential and superlative terms in years to come.

Cultural Societies of Hindu College