Delhi University Spanish Language Course | Part time language Course in Delhi University


Spanish is one of the most attractive languages that usually people want to learn, Spanish is primarily spoken in Latin America. Spanish is said to be the third commonly used language on the Internet. The language in the University of Delhi has witnessed an increase in the number of candidates from various states and cities. If you are looking for the Delhi University Spanish Language Course, read the below article. After learning the Spanish Language the job and career opportunity definitely knocks the door. Spanish os one of the part time language course students can pursue from Delhi University.

The scope of Spanish Language is getting high, it is being said as the glamorous profession, but the flair of language is Spanish does matter, the students who are willing to this language can have the following opportunities. Candidates can also look after the Delhi University Spanish Language course for getting enrolled.

Different Opportunities after Spanish Language Course from DU

  1. Diplomatic Service Professional
  2. The job as a Language Trainer
  3. Job in MNCs for Translator or in Government Organization
  4. Interpreter
  5. Tourist Guide
  6. Public Relation Officer
  7. Freelancer
  8. Research Associate

Different fields have different opportunities, as the Spanish language does have scope in many of the fields, with a different language people do have a different field but the job they do is meant for them. Because of the various reasons like globalization and the growing up the market, learning a foreign language is an advantage.

Importance of Foreign Language

Learning a new language discovers the people and the new culture. Learning Spanish could unlock the many mysteries of Spain. The more Languages you learn the more chances and opportunities you have whether the Language is Spanish or French.

Learning a new language is one of the rewarding things that people can gain, being fluent in modern languages is the advantage nowadays, many of the Multi-National Companies needs Spanish Translator not only for translating but communicating perfectly, the language will have the special effect on your personality. The Spanish Language has a special touch, it gives a sense of pride.

Importance of learning Foreign language

Basically, I haven’t found any of the cons in speaking Spanish but if you are unaware of the language then you might be lost the job opportunities and the career.

Delhi University Spanish Language Course

Many of the Colleges affiliated to the University Of Delhi offers different courses in Foreign Language programmes. The Department of Germanic and Romance Studies is widely known as one of the best places to pursue foreign language in Delhi University. The department has its own origin in the Department of Modern European Language.

The courses offered by the Delhi University

  1. MA
  2. MA.Phil
  3. BA (Hons)
  4. P.hd
  5. Certificate
  6. Diploma

Certificate Delhi University Spanish Language Courses

Department of Germanic and Romance Studies

The Department that offers the part-time certificate courses in Portuguese and Romanian, certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma level. The Department includes many of the other languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other Romanian courses for all the above three levels for certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma. The courses are offered not offered to the outsiders. For enrolling to the part time language courses, candidates must be a part of Delhi University.

Top career options after German Language

Department of  Slavonic and Finno Ugrian Studies

The part-time courses in Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, and Polish at the three level courses. All the courses have a duration of One Year only.

The Eligibility for the Different Level of Courses

Certificate Courses

Students who have passed 10+2 examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi or the examination equivalent with aggregate marks of 45% the marks eligible to apply. Therefore candidates completed the graduation can also apply for the courses.

Diploma Courses

Minimum Qualification required for the admission in Diploma Courses is Certificate for the equivalent courses in the corresponding languages thereto.

Advanced Diploma Courses

The qualification required for the courses is Diploma or Equivalent course in the corresponding languages.

The Department of German and Romance Studies also offers the 3-year undergraduate course, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes in French, Spanish, Italian, German, and many other languages. Candidates can apply for these courses by the application forms. Admissions will be given on the basis of cut off list.

Going for a language other than your mother tongue can be an advantage once you learned it properly, you will definitely have many of the opportunities. Delhi University Spanish Language course, on of the part time language course may be a great advantage for those who really want to learn it and make a career in it.