Delhi University Alumni – Famous Personalities graduated out of Delhi University


The Delhi University was set up in 1922, since that the University of Delhi has exhibited the phenomenal growth and the standard of education is imparted that also enhanced keeping pace and global standard. The popularity of the University is not only in India but also across the world. Many of the students have passed from the Institution and have created the waves in different sectors. The contribution to society is therefore unparallel.

The University of Delhi is amongst the best the ranking of the University basically depends on the research, global outlook, teaching qualities, and achievements.  The University of Delhi imparts the quality of education.

The Delhi University Alumni Association were carried out within the norms of the representative elected, the representatives are Dr.Anil Sardana, Sidharth Mishra, Dr. Gauri Kapoor, Surinder Kumar, Sanjeet Kumar Singh, Adv Gautam Bannerjee, Hari Shankar Gupta, Prof. Virendra Kumar Aggarwal. The Delhi University Alumni has been consolidated at 45000 and includes the 4 generations of Alumni from across multiple disciplines and vocations.

The candidates that passed out from this remarkable Institution are well placed in the fields and therefore carved the Niche by themselves. Delhi University feels the pride to introduce those students who really makes them feel proud and reach to the higher levels. Many of the Students are specialized in many fields.  Many of the Candidates have been honored by the awards both on National and International Level. The Delhi University Alumni has many of the members which are now in many of the industries and famous not only in India but across the World.

Some of the Eminent Delhi University Alumni are as follows:

  1. Amitabh Bachchan (actor)
  2. Anurag Kashyap
  3. Arnab Goswami Editor-in-Chief, Times Now (journalist)
  4. Digvijay Singh (Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh)
  5. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (Former President of India)
  6. G.P. Koirala (former Prime Minister of Nepal)
  7. Kapil Sibal (Union Minister for HRD, Government of India)
  8. Khushwant Singh (prominent Indian novelist and journalist)
  9. Krishna Tirath (Politician)
  10. Lala Hardayal (Founder of the Ghadar Party)
  11. Madanlal Khurana (former Chief Minister of Delhi)
  12. Arun Lal (former Indian cricketer)
  13. Barkha Dutt (Television Anchor and Journalist)
  14. Arun Shourie (former Union Minister for Disinvestment)
  15. Aung San Suu Kyi (Nobel Peace Prize laureate)
  16. Amitav Ghosh (author)
  17. Aroon Purie, editor-in-chief, India Today

Delhi University Alumni has formed the Alumni Association at the level of University. It plays a vital role in the governance of the University. The University of Delhi has scaled new heights and has excelled in many of the Areas, the University has been among the top University in all the facilities and education, the members though defined the eminent members that makes it unique and efficient to learn from the University.