5 Societies at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce every aspirant should be aware of


Delhi College of Arts and Commerce ( DCAC) is regarded as one of the finest institutes of the nation when it comes to imparting knowledge in the fields of arts and commerce. Established in 1987, DCAC comes under the South Campus region of the prestigious University of Delhi. Since its inception, the college has grown multiple folds and currently ranks amongst the best institutes Delhi has to offer. While the focus remains on providing an unparalleled level of education, the college puts significant emphasis on building one ’s personality and character by promoting the culture of clubs and society within the college premises. Here’s a list of some of the popular societies at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce which have been instrumental in shaping the overall personality of the students.

5 Societies at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce every aspirant should know about

1. Stylus- The Fashion Society

Established in 2000, Stylus is hailed as one of the eminent fashion societies in the entire DU. Owing to their mind-boggling fashion senses, they’re even regarded as the trendsetters in the field of fashion. The society is a boon for students inclined towards the fashion industry and provides a platform for the students to exhibit their dexterity in front of DU audience.

The members are known for their prodigious ramp performance, and out of the box fashion sense which mesmerizes the public to the core. Their achievements and performances are published each year on portals like DU beat and HT city.

2. Clicks- The Photography Society

The society conducts regular photo walks and workshops to enhance the photography skills of the interested students. Many a time, the workshops are merged with the photo walks to help students work together and know more about the nuances of photography.

Clicks also provide its members with occasional home-based assignments,  revolving around topics pertaining to seasons and festivals. Furthermore, one could witness eminent photographers within the college premises during the photo sessions and workshops.

3. Dastgah- The Music Society

Dastgah society members are hailed as one of the finest musicians amongst the colleges of DU. Founded in 2015, the music society has grown from strength to strength with each passing year, and with their fantabulous performances across the colleges of DU they’ve managed to garner tremendous respect and laurels for themselves and their institution.

4. Concurso- The Quiz Society

The society aims to ameliorate the standard of general knowledge students of DCAC, and as a result, conducts workshops and tests on a regular basis on a variety of subjects. With their stupendous performance across various events and competitions, the society members have brought accolades to the Institute on numerous occasions.

In fact, such is their dominance over the colleges of DU that many prefer them to be an invincible force not to be reckoned with.

5. Leher- The Dramatic Society

Founded in 2013, Leher aims to make people aware of drama and theatres by conducting various stage plays and road performances at frequent intervals to do the same. Over the years, the society members have earned numerous awards and appreciations, and continue to win hearts of the public with their exemplary dramatic prowess.

It’s pretty evident as to why the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce remains one of the top choices for students who wish to make a breakthrough in the field of arts & commerce. It ain’t just academics that DCAC lays its focus upon, it’s the all-round- development of students with their participation in such enthralling activities, that ultimately remains the motto and the overall intention of the institute.