Defense Services – Life cycle of an officer in the defense services


Life Cycle of an officer in Defense Services

In the very beginning itself, if you are planning to choose a career in the services, I would like to praise you for your courage as it requires a very strong heart to choose the path of defense services. Life in the defense forces is full of challenges, excitement, and the feeling of sacrifice for the nation. The job of a defense personnel requires a lot of physical and mental endurance as you will dealing with the most difficult situations known. Defense services teach you to see life from a different perspective which makes them different from the rest of the crowd. In order to become a defense personnel, we must first understand their lifestyle. This article will tell you everything about the standards of defense forces and their life struggles.

The long procedures and the toughest training.

The word ‘struggle’ enters into your life right from the time when you apply for the entries. There is a long procedure to enter into the services. Firstly, you have to pass a written exam/cut-off which is becoming more and more competitive day by day. For eg, one can imagine the competition level in National Defence Academy written-paper as out of 2.5 lakh candidates, only 9,000 candidates are able to clear it. The story doesn’t end there. You have to appear for a 5-day SSB Interview which takes only 2-4 candidates out of a batch of 160-200. Also, you have to be medically fit. Your final selection depends on the merit list. Then, there begin your training sessions once you are done with all the procedures. But, the training isn’t like your internship training or any other skill training. Training in defense services is the most rigorous and stressful among all the trainings be it in any field. It is so difficult that some cadets even leave the training in between.

Tips to clear the 5 day SSB Interview

Field Work

Once you are done with your training, you are posted to various field areas like a desert, airfields, oceans etc. You have to leave your family behind and sacrifice your life to safeguard our frontiers. You even have to face a lot of challenging situations which you have been trained for. You acquire skills to work in a team, lead a team to achieve goals at any cost be it of your own life.

You are even sent to foreign locations for meetings, joint military exercises, hostage rescue operations etc. You get promotions too for your achievement and each promotion brings a new insignia and a set of responsibilities to you.

Pay, allowances and family lifestyle

Those the salary in defense services(salary ranging between 60,000-1,20,000 rupees for an officer) is not that much as in the case of corporate sectors but it provides you everything which money can buy like ration, canteen facilities, insurance for the entire family, education to your children, medical facilities to your entire family etc at a very low or even no cost. You are also given casual leave to enjoy vacation trips with your family.

The pension scheme takes care of your future needs. Also, on special occasions like promotions etc, ballroom parties are organized reflecting the high and modern standards of defense personnels.

After retirement.

Though you work in the armed forces till the age of 60, the tag of defense stays there with you forever. After retirement, you can make a career in many private sectors like banking, teaching etc. You can even take voluntary retirement in between your work tenure to switch your career in aviation(for flying officers), hospitality, teaching etc. In such cases, you have the tag of defense along with you which makes you different from the crowd.

Hope this article provides you with every detail which you were looking for. Life in defense is very respected and honorable. It is a dream of every citizen to work for the motherland but only a few are able to achieve it. Defense personnels have a high status in society due to their sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. Wishing you all a very successful and prosperous life ahead.