Current Affairs for Government Exams | 18th January 2019


Let us take a look at the daily current affairs for government exams for 18th January. The following are the important happenings from the last few days.

Current Affairs for Government Exams -18th January 2019

Surveys on sanitation across cities on the bank of river Ganga

There are 39 towns on the banks of the river in West Bengal, 20 in Uttar Pradesh, 17 in Bihar and 14 and two towns respectively in Uttarakhand and Jharkhand.  According to the survey, Four out of five towns along the River Ganga have waste dumps along the banks and nearly 55 percent of the towns have drains that empty into the river without any cleaning. Only 19 towns had municipal solid waste (MSW) plants and only 7 towns in the plains can claim installation of a trash cleaner in their territory. 72 percent of towns have nullahs (drains) discharging into the river and 77 percent of these drains do not have functional screens that filter out filth. 12 towns have scored A, 44 B-grade and the rest scored a poor C grade in performance. Read More

MoEF approves the Sita Rama Lift Irrigation Project of Telangana

The project would be completed in three years and would lead to submergence of about 1,930-hectare area and 157 villages. The Sita Rama Lift Irrigation Project aims to divert Godavari river water to irrigate 2.72 lakh hectares in three districts of Bhadradri Kothagudem, Khammam and Mahabubabad districts of Telangana. The water from River Godavari will be diverted from the upstream of existing Dummugudem Anicut barrage. Head regulator would be constructed at Dummugudem Anicut on Godavari river and lined canal of about 372 km would be constructed. The project aims to provide water for irrigation as well as to route tanks, villages, towns and supplement some of the existing/ proposed irrigation. Read

SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon craft departs from International Space Station

The SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon cargo craft departed from the International Space Station after its successful mission to deliver scientific equipment and other supplies. The SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon successfully delivered more than 2,500 kilograms (5,600 pounds) of cargo to the space station and orbited Earth for five weeks. The SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon craft is expected to splash down just west of Baja, California. The SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon is a Commercial Resupply Service mission to the International Space Station launched by NASA. The NASA had contracted this mission to SpaceX for launch. Read More

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