Culinary Arts – A career in the ever-indulging food industry


The world is a canvas for us to paint according to our vein. Food is one riveting form of art which provides us with the freedom of blend of colors and the ability to assist astounding tastes.

Culinary Arts is an expedition of such features of food. It does not limit only to the comestible aspect of food but ranges far beyond as a form of craft. Culinary artists are cooks and chefs who deeply traverse the art of appetizing food-inspired-highs. Professionals in this field not only prepare delectable food, they also create scrumptious works of art. Generally, the food is carefully prepared and arranged so that it is pleasing to all sensory organs. Passion for food can be guided towards marvelous career opportunities in the culinary world.

About the job

Fervour for food and cooking are the basic vigor for culinary artists. Culinary art involves the expertise of cooking, preparing, designing, innovating and presenting food making it look not only toothsome but elegant. Cooking skills are acquired by practicing, having comprehensive proficiency of ingredients, tastes, raw materials and also the art to innovate.

Career Paths for Culinary Artist

Like many other artists, culinary artists often choose to specialize in one area. There are numerous job opportunities available and here are a few for you to consider

  • Executive Chef
  • Personal chef
  • Restaurant manager
  • Caterer
  • Baking and Pastry Artist
  • Wine Sommelier
  • Bar Manager

Education and training programs

Passion for cooking and food, in general, is a must for Culinary Arts. Most students enroll in education and training at a culinary arts school or four-year university and apprenticeship programs. Culinary programs at such educational institutions provide guided directives to students to practice their skills. Culinary programs cover all aspects of working in the kitchen, including menu planning, food sanitation, purchasing inventory, and staffing cooking station along with courses in nutrition, alternative ingredients, meal planning, recipe writing etc.

Apprenticeship offered by professional institutes and industries provide well-paid training for students looking to hone their dexterity. Potential students need to possess certain caliber before seeking the culinary arts. While formal training inculcates and braces these qualities, students must possess the perseverance to continue forth it in the workforce. The culinary arts is about having more than good cooking skills. Such artist needs to have good business skills, time management skills, leadership skills, manual dexterity, and creativity.

Some renowned Culinary Artist around the globe

1. Jacques Pépin

Jacques Pepin - Culinary Arts - A career in the ever-indulging food industry

Born in France in 1935, he first apprenticed in a kitchen at the age of 13. Completing training in Paris, he moved to the United States. He worked as a chef in some of the top restaurants, and later as a research director at Howard Johnson’s and a restaurant owner. With an Emmy award to his name, he has written over 20 books, writes quarterly for Food and Wine magazine and continues to host shows on PBS.

2. Julia Child

Julia Child - Culinary Arts - A career in the ever-indulging food industry

Famous TV chef and author Julia Child was born in 1912, in Pasadena, California. After attending culinary school in France, she wrote the cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in a collaboration which was a bestseller. Her reputation was cemented as an industry icon with the launch of The French Chef where she showed the world passion is more important than perfection when it comes to cooking.

3. Pierre Hermé

Pierre Herme - Culinary Arts - A career in the ever-indulging food industry

Pierre Hermé is the ‘Picasso’ of pastries. Currently, manages the two Michelin star awarded restaurants in France, his flavoured macarons that are rich and unusual in taste. His baking skills are appreciated all over the world and are the youngest person to be titled  “France’s Pastry Chef of the Year”.

4. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey - Culinary Arts - A career in the ever-indulging food industry

Scottish celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had to bid goodbye to his athletic career due to an injury. Later he continued his studies on hotel management and since has been unstoppable. He apprenticed with Marco Pierre White at Harvey’s in London, worked for Albert Roux at Le Gavroche, and then worked under the tutelage of Joel Robuchon and Guy Savoy in France. Now he has a series of restaurants and bars owned and operating under his name. A renowned face on TV with shows such as ‘Masterchef’, he is a brand in the culinary world.

Indian institutes and colleges to pursue Culinary Arts

1. Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad

Course: Bachelor Degree in Catering Technology and Culinary Arts

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have qualified Intermediate (10+2) / XII Std. examination or equivalent with a minimum of 50% average marks in any stream can apply and the admission is subject to clearing the qualifying examination.

The students must demonstrate competency in English in the selection procedure for whom English is not a medium of instruction.

2. Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

Course: B.A. (Hons.) in Culinary Arts

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have qualified 10+2 Std.or equivalent examination with English as one of the subjects can apply.

3. Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration

Course: B.A. in Culinary Arts

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate must have passed 10+2, A Level, IB, American 12th grade or equivalent from recognized board.

Culinary Arts is a rapidly growing industry with a vast scope. With proper training, certified courses and thorough guidance you’re destined to be a true success and have a reputed career. So if you’re wondering about the future and have genuine love for food, well you might just know now what to do