Courses & Programs at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM)


Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) is the best contemporary music college in the whole of South East Asia. This hotspot of music endeavours to cultivate new tracks, interdisciplinary collaborations and new approaches to music education and performance. Not only this, the institution is fixated on shaping a mature community of musicians by imbuing an evolved and refined perspective on music that radically alters their relationship with the phenomenon.

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Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music has crafted a challenging academic program that replicates the traditional Indian gurukul system of classical music pedagogy to teach different genres of music from across the globe. The Academy seeks to provide music education that builds character and personality, preparing students to enter the music industry as performers, arrangers, songwriters, composers, producers, teachers and more. There are four programs offered by the academy.

Programs at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM)

1. Foundation in Music Performance

The Foundation in Music performance at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music is a versatile preparatory program offered on the beautiful residential campus of SAM. This course powers through all the fundamentals of music required to crack important exams and diploma programs offered by the academy. Hence, this course is the first step towards a successful career in music for every aspiring student. The program includes all the essential and basic information that is pre-requisite in the quest to make it big in the music industry. It primarily aims to polish and enhance basic structural information of every student regarding the roots of music. After all, golden roofs aren’t built on weak foundations.

This 6-week program is dedicated towards building the right foundation to enable students to become outstanding musicians.This program is mainly for aspiring musicians who have limited or no formal training in music and those desirous of starting a professional career in music.

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2. Diploma in Music Performance

The Diploma Program in Music Performance at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music is packed with all the tools and essentials needed to build an astronomical career in music as a performer, composer, songwriter, arranger, producer or teacher. Music Performance consists of Core courses and Custom electives. The students are also at liberty to choose some electives from the roster of Carnatic courses that are generously offered.

Course Options:

A modular approach is undertaken to give students the flexibility to complete the programme at a pace and time convenient to them. There are two ways you can approach the programmes:

  • One year Diploma in Music Performance (2 Trimesters)
  • Two year Advanced Diploma in Music Performance (4 Trimesters)

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3. Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Technology

This program is for aspiring Audio Engineers / Musicians who are aiming to launch a successful career in the Music Industry. Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Technology Program introduces students to the entire Audio production and Music Engineering process, from Pre-production, Audio mangling, Mixing, Mastering, Live Sound to Post-Production. Students are exposed to novel concepts, techniques, and terminologies of Music Engineering through music workstations and analog gear. This is a purely career oriented program where each student receives hands-on Industry experience. The students are taught an International curriculum by certified professionals and International faculty.

Tools and Facilities:

  • Avid Protools
  • Logic Pro X
  • TOFT 32 Channel Analog Console
  • UAD Apollo 16 Interface
  • 27” Slate Raven MTi Controller
  • Joe Meek Analog Channel Strip
  • Charter Oak microphone
  • Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Live console

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4. Combined Emphasis Program

The Combined Emphasis Diploma Programs at S.A.M. is a bumper steal that offers a plethora of courses to choose and learn extensively from. It is designed to give all round training in more than one discipline. The chosen Major can be combined with a minor of your liking and studied within an economical period of just 3 Trimesters. The alternatives available are:

  • Combined Emphasis Diploma in Music Performance:
    • Major in Music Performance (2 Trimesters) + Minor in Audio Engineering & Music Technology (1 Trimester)
  • Combined Emphasis Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Technology:
    • Major in Audio Engineering & Music Technology (2 Trimesters) + Minor in Music Performance (1 Trimester)

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music is no less than a nucleus of melodies. It transforms nascent voices into one that is capable of riveting and enthralling jam packed audiences. Thus, if you’re a music enthusiast then visit the website that is just a click away and start building the astronomical music career that awaits you here.