List of Courses at Mumbai Music Institute


Music is a renowned form of art used to rejuvenate ourselves and at the same time, it can also be used to express one’s feelings in the most entertaining way. Since music is everywhere including our houses, coffee shops, temples, churches, workplaces etc. people can connect themselves to the chords and rhythm of the music they hear in a very cheerful yet a soulful manner. When we hear music we learn it, feel it, remember it and celebrate it in order to live with the melody, lyrics and the beat of the music. Keeping this in mind, courses at Mumbai Music Institute are one of the best in the nation.

Mumbai Music Institute is one of the Top Music Institutes for pursuing a music course as it offers comprehensive training and knowledge through professionals who are already a part of the music industry for many years. MMI has designed the following courses in the field of music to train young artists and bring the best out of themselves and develop a successful career in this field. So, here is a list of courses at Mumbai Music Institute.

Mumbai Music Institute

Courses at Mumbai Music Institute

1. Performer’s course

One of the most difficult of the courses at Mumbai Music Institute. Performance is not as easy as it sounds because you need to present yourself in an impressive manner along with showcasing your talent with the music. The performers are so engrossed in the music lessons that they fail to pay attention to the basics of presenting themselves in front of a large crowd. MMI trains the individual in aspects such as body language, stage behaviour, inner confidence, personal grooming and styling, social etiquettes, marketing, presentation skills etc. This is a 2 and a half month course costing Rs.50000. Students will also get a hands-on training and practical learning environment where he may overcome his stage fear and perform confidently and flawlessly.

2. Instrument courses

Music is the most powerful form of expression of speech which can be presented not only with the vocals but also with the musical instruments. Mumbai Music Institute offers courses for excelling in various musical instruments.

  • The keyboard is the easiest musical instrument to be learned which produces a sweet and melodious sound. A keyboard is a versatile instrument which helps in the overall development of an individual.
  • Guitars are for the rockstars who wish to unleash their power, energy and musical skills through an instrument. It helps a person to improve his memory, hand-eye coordination and increase your concentration.
  • Drums are the most lively musical instrument which attracts you to dance to the tunes of it. People who imagine themselves behind a drum kit should definitely take up this course and learn the theory of music.
  • Tabla is a traditional, classical and folk musical instrument which uses the rhythmic movement of fingers and palm to produce musical sound. It helps to increase our concentration level.

The course for various musical instruments is open to all the children above the age of 4 as well as adults. It is a 12 month with the actual fees of Rs.48000 and after discount, the course is available for Rs.18000.

3. Pro Sound Engineering

Since the field of music and entertainment is expanding rapidly, the need for sound engineers will also be on a rise. They are of two types namely Live Sound Engineering and Studio Sound Engineering. Live Sound Engineering has to work quickly and produce quick results due to the nature and demands of a live concert whereas a Studio Sound Engineer can take his own quality time and produce results within the comfort of his workplace. The course extends for the duration of one year and the fees structure is Rs.2,75,000 for the course.

4. Live Sound Engineering

A live sound engineering is responsible to deliver the best quality of sound and musical performance in live events and concerts. Every event is located at different venues which brings a whole lot of new challenges and difficulties but it is the talent and skills of a live sound engineer who perfectly blends and mixes the musical instruments and vocals to its best ability to produce the desired music. MMI trains the students in their own different venues to their best capability. This course is for 6 months and the candidates are required to pay the fees of Rs. 1,90,000.

5. Studio Sound Engineering

A studio sound engineer is responsible for making the regular music sound really great and perfect. They use various instruments within the confined walls of a studio to produce great quality music by auto-tuning, mixing or reproduction. MMI believes in inculcating the professional and exceptional skills in individuals rather than bombarding them with the new technology. The duration of the course is 6 months with the fees of Rs. 1,70,000 along with Steinberg and Protools Certification.

6. Pro Music Production

Music production is an extremely vast field which requires a diverse skill set along with coordinating the various elements of a perfect music. The music producer may be required to attend writing sessions, attend rehearsals, meetings with the singers and lyricists, producing, arranging and mixing of the sounds etc. MMI believes in teaching the students to prepare themselves to create great music by excelling in all the elements of music production. The institute aims at giving on field experience and a lot of practice for dealing with the various areas of music production. The course duration is for 9 months with the fees of Rs.1,40,000. The institute also offers a Masters in Music Production which has the duration of 1 year with the fees of Rs.2,25,000.

With the specialised variety of courses at Mumbai Music Institute, students can be fully trained and knowledgeable enough to work in their field of interest related to Music. Since this institute is renowned and well known, one can have a really good start to their career in music after taking music education from this institute.