List of Courses at Delhi college of Arts and Commerce


Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is an offsite college of Delhi University, that was set up in 1987. It is situated in the environs of Sarojini Nagar (Netaji Nagar to be precise). It has a reasonably good average rating of 7.7 out of 10 on the site.  As the name suggests, it offers undergraduate level degrees in Arts and Commerce. The following courses at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce.

B. Com. (Honours)

B.A. (Honours) Economics

B.A. (Honours) English

B.A. (Honours)Journalism

B.A. (Honours)History

B.A. (Honours) Political Science

B.Com.( Program)

B.A.( Program)

Delhi University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country, with ninety affiliated colleges, sixteen faculties, eighty-seven departments and thirteen research and study centres! DCAC is a relatively new entrant, rather cut off from the main (North)Delhi University campus but matches the colleges there in imparting education.  Sports facilities like basketball, football, and volleyball courts are available. There are no residential facilities on the campus.

Though the first list has a prohibitively high cut-off, subsequent cut-off lists up to ten in number are announced.

Courses at Delhi College of Arts and commerce

Let us look at the courses in detail. Honours courses are those in which the student specializes in a particular area of study.

B.Com (Honours)

Ranked 15 in the All India ranking of commerce colleges, it has an accreditation rating of NAAC B plus grade. According to reviews, most students are satisfied with the teaching. There is no residential facility on the campus. Their placement cell ‘Broadway’ functions satisfactorily with about 70 % of the students passing out getting employed. Scoring above 60% makes you eligible for placements. Companies recruiting from here have been KPMG, CEAT, and Ernst &Young. Commercio is the Commerce fest held annually.  Their placement cell ‘Broadway’ functions satisfactorily with about 70 % of the students passing out getting employed. Scoring above 60% makes you eligible for placements. Companies recruiting from here have been KPMG, CEAT, and Ernst &Young.

B.Com (Programme)

This course encompasses general education in addition to the major areas of study and electives. It provides more flexibility in choosing courses and is not that specialized. One needs only 40% pass in HSC  to be eligible for this course.

B.A. Honours (Economics)

DCAC has a professionally relevant and intellectually demanding course content in its B.A. Honours (Economics) program. Students are given a solid foundation in the principles of micro and macroeconomics, econometrics, economic policymaking, public finance, monetary economics, development economics, and international economics, etc.

 BA (Programme) Economics

DCAC also offers this programme with different study areas like Human Resource Management, Advertising Sales Promotion, and Marketing, English and Mathematics.

Apart from this, the Economics Department also readies general elective courses for honours students of other disciplines. Some of these are Global Political Economics, Public Finance, Money and Banking etc.

B.A. Honours (English)

This programme begins with a solid grounding in Indian and European (Greek and Roman) classical literature, moving on to encompass all genres across the world and time periods. Renaissance, Victorian, Romantic and Modern literature are covered, translations of modern literature in different languages and study of the history of literature and literary movements from the syllabus of this course. ‘The Olive Branch’ is an annual newsletter published by the Department’s students in which they showcase the skills and knowledge acquired.

B.A. Honours  (Journalism)

Students are given an education about all forms of mass communication such as advertising, public relations, print journalism, television production, documentary filmmaking etc.  They have to submit a thesis at the end of the course as part of the course requirement. There is plenty of interaction between the media industry and the students with visits from journalists and media workers from the industry. The students of this department provide the college with three publications  – The DCAC Herald, The DCAC Times and The DCAC Express. They also have an in-house magazine called “The Critique” in which current trends and topics are discussed by the students. There is an online version of this publication too. The department holds an annual festival called the Scoop, to which they regularly invite coherent and sometimes controversial voices in our country today as guest speakers.

B.A. Honours (History)

The History Department holds its annual festival ‘Dharohar'(legacy) in February. There isn’t much information out of the ordinary about this course available. It compares well with similar courses in other colleges of Delhi University. The requirement to join this course is the same as in other art courses – a minimum of 45% in Higher Secondary

B.A. Honours (Political Science)

The college claims to educate its students in awareness of different types of political thinking, to think critically and independently at the same time, imbuing in them the quality of tolerance, so they can serve the nation better and appreciate and examine the requirements of political life in the different regions of the world. DCAC takes pride in its democratic culture. A unique feature of this course is a lecture series by the alumni. It is said that students face minimum interference from the faculty. There are six semesters with various subjects like Understanding political theory, Constitutional government and Democracy of India studies, political theory, the political process in India, perceptions on public administration, international relations etc. There are general electives in each semester while the fifth and sixth semester, these convert to discipline-specific electives.  Though the eligibility is 45% only, the cut-offs are very high. The fifth cut off stood at 95.5%.

Eligibility and Entrance

There are no entrance tests for any of the courses in DCAC and admission is on the basis of the 12th Board Exam marks. Eligibility is purely based on merit.  One needs a minimum percentage of 45% to be eligible for any of the above courses. But that is not giving the real story! Successive lists are announced based on gradually lowered cut off percentages.  This link gives the different cut-offs for all the courses at DCAC this year

Career prospects after pursuing courses at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

What careers or further study can one consider after graduation? Let us look at each course again and the prospects.

B.Com Honours – Many options after BCom Honours include MBA, Investment Banking, Certified Financial Analyst Course, Chartered Accountancy, or Company Secretary are also great goals for a commerce graduate to pursue. Thus only a B. Com is clearly not enough.

B.A. Honours (Economics) – Higher education from Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Delhi School of Economics, Madras School of Economics, Jamia Millia Islamia, IIMs in addition to clearing the NET/JRF (for teaching), Civil Services, Indian Defence Services etc are some of the career prospects for the graduates in Economics

B.A.Honours (English) – Students can opt for a career in creative and professional writing, journalism, PR, Advertising, Hospitality and Tourism, Social Media etc. They can also teach after an M.A. with NET or B.Ed.

B.A. Honours (Journalism) – One can follow the path of higher education at any of the prestigious institutes like Tata Institute of Social Sciences, IIMs, Jamia Millia Islamia etc. There is any number of media organisations that provide a great working experience.

B.A. Honours (History) – A Masters degree is also required and it is better to take a B. Ed. too, to qualify for teaching in schools. Apart from teaching, Government jobs, Archeaology, work in museums or NGOs in the field of heritage are some of the options for history students.

B.A. Honours (Political Science) – this is the most sought-after course for those aspiring to have a career in Civil Services.  Teaching, Research, International  Governance, Management studies are some of the other options open to these students.

DCAC is quite a stepping stone to future success because of the plethora of courses at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. You may be sure of that!