Content Writing as a Career option | Content Writing as a Job


Reading novels has always fascinated me. I enjoyed reading fiction stories since childhood. This love for reading has turned me into a voracious reader and eventually an informed writer. I like to explore various genres in writing.  Basically writing isn’t something which everyone can do. You ought to have a flair for content writing in order to get going. You need to explore yourself, try your hands at different genres of the content writing world and most importantly have a knack for the English language while being well-versed with the basics of grammar.

Content Writing As A Career

It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and patience to make a career in writing. You need to read a lot, be it novels, fiction as well as non-fiction, magazines, newspapers and the best stuff on the internet. From the best stuff, I mean the relevant information which will help you improve your writing skills.

As rightly said by Sir E L Doctorow, ‘Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go’.

If you are looking forward to becoming a full-time writer, part-time writer or a freelancer to earn useful income, I suggest you go for a Comprehensive Creative Writing course from Writer’s Bureau, a UK- based learning institute which will turn your dreams of becoming a writer into reality. After all, turning your passion into a full-time career is truly fulfilling and only a few have the privilege of doing that.

Courses offered by Writer’s Bureau

The Writer’s Bureau Institute has been providing writing courses since 1989. The writing courses include:

  • Comprehensive Creative Writing Course: Covers all the genres and styles of writing. Recommended for beginners
  • Proofreading and Copy Editing Course: Specially designed for error-free writing.
  • Complete Copywriter Course: You will learn how to write a successful copy from the ace copywriters in the UK.
  • Freelance Journalism Course: Do you aspire to become a freelance journalist?  Then this course is designed for you.
  • Writing for Children Course: Writing for children isn’t easy as it seems. Learning to write for children of all ages is what you will study in this course.
  • Novel and Short Story Writing Course: Want to publish your novel? Go for this course to make your writing dreams come true.
  • Non -Fiction Writing Course: Covers Non-fiction genre of writing and helps you earn money quickly through your published work.
  • Fiction Writing Course: Aims at TV, stage, films and radio-writing. Also covers novels and short stories.
  • Article Writing Course: Enables you to write articles fit for publication.
  • The Art of Writing Poetry Course: Enables you to compose poems.

These and many other such advanced courses are provided by the Writer’s Bureau Institute to enhance your writing skills. The skills which you gain from these courses will help you achieve desired success in your writing endeavour.

A Final Note

If you are a beginner, I will strongly recommend you to take up a Comprehensive Creative Writing Course as it covers all the genres and styles of writing ranging from newspaper articles and magazines to writing a novel( fiction and non-fiction). The study material is equipped with well-designed modules covering each topic systematically and accompanied with supplements to brush up your grammar. You will also be provided with the assignments to test how much you’ve absorbed by studying the modules. Your assignments will be corrected and returned to you by the ace tutors of Writers’ Bureau. You will receive the tutor support throughout your course.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go for the course you love and fulfil your dream to become a published writer.

Happy writing!