Company Secretary as a Career Option – Stages to become a CS in India and Salary for a CS


Company Secretary sometimes also known as the Corporate Secretary, but the confusion which other people still have is they predict that company Secretary is the secretary of the company, the myth that everyone follows but very few are here to know about the company secretary is the person is legal advisor which truly handles the company and relates to it. Company Secretary deals with all the legal activities by the business, CS probably acts as a bridge between the company and the Directors.

Scope of Company Secretary in India

CS is a well-reputed course and a prestigious career option. Taking CS a career option is prestigious but no one can deny that it is financially satisfying. CS gives a high level of profile and job Happiness. CS is a professional course initiating in different countries too, many of the company secretaries are operating various companies not only in India but abroad. The process of comprehensive economic cooperation, the ICSI is through spreading in various other countries. This can be said as scope in Company Secretary not only India but in various other countries. A vast scope of CS is there not only in our country but abroad. Going for CS might be one of your best decisions.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary

The Company Secretary plays a crucial role in governing the companies, a post of leadership which are well known by their works. The company secretary is the chief advisor of the company. The CS ensures the smooth functioning of the Management of the Company.

The CS is responsible for the following things:

  1. Maintaining Effective Records and Administration of the Company.
  2. To upholds the responsibility of meetings and organizing them successfully.
  3. The legal requirements of the Company, the CS keeps a keen eye on that.
  4. Communication and Correspondence of the Company
  5. CS ensures the statutory and regulatory compliances of the Company.
  6. Company Secretary is the person who ensures the safe custody and proper use of a Common seal.

How To Become A Company Secretary in India?

Company Secretary as a Career Option? What do you think? Are you willing to try with this Professional course, then you need to know more about it, below is the information regarding the Company Secretary course that will help you to apply for it?

Company Secretary Course has three stages of Exams and a training of 18 months.

You firstly need to clear the three stages of CS exam

  1. Foundation
  2. Executive
  3. Professional Programme.

Foundation Programme: The first and the foremost step towards CS, this can be said as the entrance examination of CS. Candidates can apply for it after passing the 10+2 exam. Candidates will only be eligible for the Executive programme after clearing the CS Foundation.

Executive Level: For Executive level, candidates can apply after the graduation or after passing the foundation level, Executive level is the second step for the CS, candidates are supposed to through the revised article carefully.

Professional Programme: Professional Programme is the Final step of CS and the candidates are only eligible after clearing the executive level of the CS.

CS as a Career Option after 10+2

Candidates choosing Career Option has to go through the three examination stages after their 10+2 examination, Candidates before appearing in the examination has to register themselves on the official website of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Candidates are though given chance to clear the first stage i.e. Foundation Exam with the 3 years of their Registration.

The foundation exam is the entrance examination of the CS which candidates are required to clear. This examination was held in the month of June and December. Candidates can either pass the examination in the month of June or in December. Candidates will only be eligible for the executive level and professional level after passing the foundation examination of the Company Secretary.

CS after Graduation

Candidates can directly apply for the Executive programme of the Company Secretary, after their graduation level. Candidates can be of any stream can apply for the examination. The Executive level consists of 2 Modules that a candidate needs to clear for the next level or the final level of examination.

The training level can be opted by the candidates after clearing the executive exam or the professional program.

Company Secretary Syllabus

Given below is the syllabus of CS that candidates can refer:

CS Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme is like the entrance exam of the CS, the exam will have 4 subjects in which they have to score 50% aggregate marks on the total for passing out. Candidates can appear in the exam after clearing the 10+2 examination. It is mandatory for the candidates to clear each of the subjects in foundation exam with 40% of the aggregate in each exam. Candidates will be allowed for the CS Executive Exam only after clearing the CS Foundation Programme.

  • Business Economics
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing
  • Business Ethics, Management, and Communication
  • Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

CS Executive Examination

CS Executive, the second step towards CS, this examination can be given after clearing the CS Foundation, or a direct entry for those who have completed their graduation exam. In Executive candidates will give the examination in two Modules. Candidates can make a choice whether he/she will give both modules in 1 attempt for separately. The passing criteria for executive examination are 40% aggregate marks in each subject and 50% aggregate on the total. Candidates once clear the examination will be further eligible for CS Professional Programme (Final Step).

Candidates can refer the subjects for the Executive Level:

Module 1

  • Company Law
  • Tax Law and Practice
  • Company Law
  • Jurisprudence, Interpretation and General Laws

Module 2

  • Capital Market and Securities
  • Economic Business and Commercial Laws
  • Financial and Strategic Management
  • Corporate and Management Accounting

Professional Programme

Professional Programme is the Final step towards being a company secretary, candidates after clearing executive will be eligible for the professional exam. Candidates can though start a training programme after the Executive level, the decision will be on candidate whether to start after executive or professional.

Candidates need to score 40% in each of the subjects given below and 50% of the total for passing the Professional Programme.

The professional programmes include three modules:

Module 1

  • Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
  • Drafting, Pleading, and Appearances
  • Governance, Risk Management, Compliances and Ethics

Module 2

  • Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation and Winding up.
  • Secretarial Audit, Due Diligence, and Compliance Management
  • Resolution of Corporate Disputes

Module 3

  • International Trade
  • Financial Treasury and Forex Management
  • Elect Paper

Candidates have to clear each examination with 40% aggregate marks and 50% of marks on the total to be a CS.

Employment Opportunities for Company Secretary

  1. Company Secretary in Firms
  2. Company Secretary as a Financial Advisor
  3. CS as Administrator in Business Firms
  4. Specialist in Banks
  5. Performing as an expert in developing countries
  6. Legal Advisor in the Company and its Management.
  7. The analysis in Stock Market

How much is the Salary of Company Secretary?

Though there can be a fixed salary of CS, the numbers in your salary you expect matter in terms of your experience and skill that you try to gain from your training part.

The CS salary it can be anywhere in between Rs 20000-40000; but it depends on what to exactly serving, it totally depends on your skills the experience you gain, according to your skill the company secretary can boost their salary up to Rs 70k to 1 Lakh depending upon the Skills. The skills that company secretary should have legal document review, corporate governance, decision making, legal advisor, etc. Experience is the most important in the job of CS and most importantly the Skills, which will make your position higher and experienced.

CS as a Fresher: The job of CS is probably based on the skills and experience, this is one of the most respected jobs in society. A fresher in this field can earn up to Rs 20000  per month, it will definitely increase according to the skills and how much experience you get in the future.

Highest Salary Of A CS: A well experienced CS with his knowledge can earn up to more than 1 Lakh per month, CS should have the knowledge and particular skills which can make him/her worthy for a particular company.

Choose your Career wisely! Good luck.

Frequently asked questions for CS (Company Secretary) in India

Company Secretaries are the Legal Advisors?

Yes! Company Secretary is the legal advisor because it manages the legal disputes of the Company.

Company Secretary as a fresher can earn up to?

Company Secretary as a Fresher can earn up to 20000-40000 per month. Therefore later on it can be increased depending upon the skills.

What are the duties of Company Secretary?

CS plays a vital role in the company, some of the duties are he/she should be aware about the legal affairs of the company, how to manage the internal affairs, advisor on disputes, etc.

What are the skills required be a Company Secretary?

He should be tactful, loyal towards company, knowledgeable, organized, and should be a multi-tasker.

How to become a CS?

Candidates need to pass the three stages of examination, candidates can refer the above article for the examination pattern.