Common food items to avoid – The over-rated foods you should avoid eating!


Food is an essential part of everyone’s life. Some people ‘eat to live’ while others ‘live to eat’. If you are considering the fact that you are the person who eats to live then you may have comparatively a good health. But when you are one of those who live to eat then it may cause serious problems for your body. When a person’s main motive in life lies in the happiness of eating at fancy restaurants and food outlets, he is surely compromising his physical health and reducing his/her lifespan. There are certain food items which please our taste buds but they cause inevitable harm to our body. Here, I am going to talk about those common food items to avoid, which you consume on daily basis but you aren’t aware of its baleful effects.

Common Food items to avoid

1. Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices - Common food items you should avoid - The over-rated foods you should avoid eating!

Fruit juices as claimed by the FMCG companies are made from real fruit pulp which is an easy alternative for the people. These fruit juices have increasingly become a part of breakfast of people, particularly in the foreign countries. The harsh reality behind the manufacturing of these fruit juices is that the fruit pulps are preserved for more than a year and as a result, they lose their sweetness and nutrient content. To give them the fruity taste, they are mixed with preservatives, sweeteners and colours. This can have adverse effects on the internal working of our body. Even the branded and expensive fruit juices are manufactured using the same method so the best way is to avoid them.

2. Energy Bars

Energy bars are the supplements which provide a quick burst of energy when you cannot have a proper and balanced diet. Athletes may consider having energy bars as it gives them the required protein amounts to do their physical activity. Though their advertising proves that they are the best substitute for a complete meal, but they aren’t as healthy as a meal or a fruit. Energy bars contain sugar, sweeteners and artificial flavours which are much more harmful to your body in the long run. It is better to spend money on real fruits and having the natural nutrient intake in your body.

3. Low-Fat Yogurt

Low-fat yogurt as the name suggests is devoid of any calories content that will make you fat. Yogurt lovers who are weight conscious consider this to be a good option. Low-fat yogurt is made in such a way that though the fat content in them is destroyed but the real taste and sweetness also die. Subsequently, they are added with such artificial fruit flavour and contents which are much harmful than high-fat yogurt. So now every time you are lured by those fruit flavoured low-fat yogurts, make sure you remember this article.

4. Icecreams

Ice creams - Common food items you should avoid - The over-rated foods you should avoid eating!

Back in olden days, icecreams were made from egg yolks, creams, maple syrup and natural vanilla extract which would make the icecreams the healthiest desserts of all times. Today, these ingredients are replaced by synthetic flavouring and cheap hydrogenated fats such as palm or coconut oils. When such oils are used in the manufacturing of icecreams along with sugar, artificial flavours etc. they can cause high cholesterol, stroke, heart diseases and even cancer. Moreover, icecreams which are pink, purple or red in colour contain artificial colouring which can further cause allergic reactions.

5. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn - Common food items you should avoid - The over-rated foods you should avoid eating!

Popcorns are tasty, easy to prepare, delicious, flavourful and the most preferable snacks when one sits down to watch movies especially when they are available in those microwavable bags. But, you will be shocked to know that the readymade popcorn bags available in the market are made up of toxic acids and substances which stay in your body and the environment for a much longer time. This can cause heart problems, digestive problems,  allergies, skin rashes and the list goes on. If you love popcorn and you want to consume it as a healthy snack, stop buying the microwavable popcorn. You can buy a popcorn machine at home and make your popcorn which won’t be a threat to your health.

6. Diet Soda

Diet Soda - Common food items you should avoid - The over-rated foods you should avoid eating!

Diet soda can save you up to the risk of the intake of calories as compared to the non-diet soda but they actually contain artificial sweeteners which are much more damaging than the real sugars. Also, they trigger the insulin production in your body making you diabetic. Regular consumption of diet soda can dull your taste buds over a period of time, and a real fruit won’t seem as sweet to you as it really is. Diet Soda also contains citric acid which weakens and destroys your tooth enamel which will be the cause of ruining your smile.

These food items seem quite appealing and delicious, but they are actually detrimental to your health and your body. After knowing them, it is your decision whether to continue consuming them and increase your mortality risks or put a stop to them and have a longer lifespan. The choice is yours!

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