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The life of a student can be hectic and stressful and is very important that the student learns how to relax and it is very important for the student to understand the importance of taking breaks. Taking occasional breaks is very necessary and rejuvenating. There are many ways to relax but the best way is to read comic books for students and today’s world you have plenty of options because of the internet. Now, one can read hundreds of webtoons on his phone, laptop, and tablet.

Reading books increases the creativity in us and also books can motivate and encourage to a great extent. Technological advances have enabled us to read books or comics through our phone thus reducing the burden of carrying books. Applications can be downloaded for reading comics and most of them are available for free.

Of the many applications available, Line Webtoon (originally Korean, but there is an English version of the app too) is very convenient to use.  Webtoons are the electronic version of comic books. The App offers a variety of webtoons (webcomics) and some of the webtoons I have found entertaining are

Best online comic books available


Noblesse - Comic Books for the new generation - Webtoons - Online Comic books for students

 Raizel, a vampire and also the protector of the clan leaders called Nobles and also is a protector of the humans and is of the opinion that the strong should protect the weak and not oppress them. Because of his great power and the capability to protect he is called the Noblesse.

Betrayed by some of the Nobles’ Raizel is put into sleep and the story starts with him waking up after 820 years. This is a bit like Rip Van Winkle, who after waking up tries to accustom himself with the modern life. This story deals with the horrors of a group called The Union, who are genetically modifying human beings to climb up the hierarchy. Let’s not forget the werewolves!

The Noblesse, his long-term servant, the Nobles and few new companions are at war with The Union. Who will win and at what cost? This something that you have to read. It also has a bit of comedy to lighten up the dark theme. Though it is still an ongoing comic and according to me, this is a brilliant webtoon available. Sometimes it might seem repetitive but it is very engrossing.


Flow - Comic Books for the new generation - Webtoons - Online Comic books for students

Flow starts as a seemingly happy comic which takes a quick U-turn when a birthday wish goes wrong. In this comic, each person has a Guardian God. These God’s are the Chinese zodiacs. The guardian gods bestow their human with a wish when they are of age. The protagonist’s simple wish of going back in time changes the course of the destiny of the world.It is up to the protagonist to right the wrongs to protect his loved ones. This comic is completed so you can finish it in one go.

Gourmet Hound

Flow - Comic Books for the new generation - Webtoons - Online Comic books for students

 If you are a food fanatic I bet you will love this one. Lucy, the protagonist has a great sense of taste and smell. Grown under the loving eye of her Grandmother, a chef, Lucy learns to love food and eating become her passion. She realizes that her favorite restaurant doesn’t taste the same anymore because it has gone for a personnel change.This gives Lucy a new goal to find the chef that worked there earlier. Will she meet the chef? This is an ongoing comic. At the end of each comic strip, it has little notes on different items.

I Love Yoo

I love yoo - Comic Books for the new generation - Webtoons - Online Comic books for students

Despite the financial instability and the wounds from her parents’ separation, Shin Ye is a girl trying her best to hold out. She tries to help her father financially by tutoring and this leads to her acquaintance with Yeong Gi whom she despises at the beginning but later she gets to know him better and tries her best to warm up to him. She also meets a cold businessman Kousuke who keeps crossing her path.

I love the way the story is being unfolded slowly and how the main protagonist tries to juggle her life despite the things life keeps throwing at her. This is an Ongoing Comic.

Apart from these, there are many more comics in different genres. Some of the others that are worth reading are My Giant Nerd Boyfriend (Daily life events of the author along with her boyfriend. This is one of the funny comics you, Lessa (Do not miss this gem. This talks a lot about the philosophy of life and the artwork is very beautiful), Siren’s Lament (Story of the curse of sirens), Unordinary, My Dear Cold Blooded King and many more.

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