College Review of Lady Shri Ram College for Women


Lady Shri Ram College for Women is not just a college. It’s a brand. The red buildings clamped in the south campus of Delhi University is easily accessible by Moolchand metro station but become a far-off goal the minute you score less than 96% in boards. Undeniably, the charm of the college lies in its exclusive status as the best institution in the country for liberal arts and second best for commerce.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women is eyed by many but achieved by the selected few who burn liters of midnight oil before they get to cross its threshold. Known for it’s cruel, sky-rocketing cut- offs that leave students walking on eggshells during the admission process, the college is equally persnickety when it comes to attendance and discipline. It’s true that the girls evolve into high-minded feminists here, making LSR a nucleus of erudite, confident and pioneering women. The institution has succeeded tremendously in cultivating the visions of late Sir Shri Ram who broke the ice in 1956. Little did he know that the college he started as a minuscule project in Daryaganj with merely 243 students and 9 faculty staff would eventually make meteoric strides to bag a score of 3.61 by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in 2015. Not only this, the Nielson survey of India Today, the Week-Hansa Survey and Careers 360 survey also place the college at the acme.

LSR boasts of having one of the biggest campuses in the university, tucked with a hostel and bank in its premises and fringed by lush green lawns. Apart from the mighty position that the college occupies at the present, it’s history has also been equally glorious and impressive. Having Maneka Gandhi, Gauri Khan, Sakshi Tanwar and many more as it’s alumni, LSR is renowned for consistently producing some of the most strong-minded and empowered women of all times. Evidently, Sir Shri Ram’s gift to his wife has turned out to be a boon for hordes of women other than Lady Shri Ram herself.

The location of the college is also very convenient with bus stops and auto rickshaws readily available in the ambit. LSR lies sandwiched between Kailash Colony and Moolchand metro station which makes it easier for students to navigate the place. A string of food chains also flanks the college where the girls are usually seen grabbing a bite or two between hours of tedious lectures. Having Amar Colony and Nehru Place in its reach, the college is well connected with eating hangouts. Additionally, the canteen provides excellent food at reasonable prices along with a Nescafe and Mother dairy to supplement the food demand. Indeed, LSR girls are known to function on a daily dose of iced tea in summers and hot chocolate in winters.

However, it would be wrong to presume that the girls of this college know nothing better than sitting buried in their books and glued to libraries. On the contrary, the college bustles with dynamic energy and vigor as it’s clubs and drama society tirelessly work around social causes. In fact, Suman Sharma the principal of the college insists on the overall holistic development of her girls. Consequently, LSR takes NSS, NSO, and NCC very seriously and nudges every student to contribute her share to NGOs, animal shelters and old age homes. The rules and regulations in this aspect are very stringent but this works to equip the students with a sense of social awareness greatly.

All in all, this college is indisputably the most prestigious institution in India for social sciences and works ceaselessly to maintain their legacy and champion women empowerment. It sits atop like the jewel in the crowns of the queens who believe that the hand that rocks the cradle can also rule the world.

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