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Every Punekar who’s passionate about pursuing engineering after his higher secondary examinations have a dream of studying in the highly esteemed and acclaimed College of Engineering, Pune for those four golden years of their life. Such is the craze for College of Engineering, that people spend endless nights without a proper sleep just to be a part of this glorious institute which has been the Alma-mater of some of the eminent personalities of the nation. So without wasting any time, let’s dig deep to see the reason behind College of Engineering’s unparalleled success that makes it one of the most desired colleges of the nation. Read the below article to know why College of Engineering Pune is one of top engineering colleges in Pune.

College of Engineering, Pune

Admissions in College of Engineering Pune

The admissions into COEP are purely on purely based on the merit list. At present, the admission criteria to get into COEP is the performance of students in the JEE Mains exam along with the marks obtained in the Higher Secondary Examination.

Undergraduate Courses at College of Engineering Pune

Undergraduate Courses at College of Engineering, Pune

COEP allows the students to choose from 10 Engineering Disciplines-

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • Metallurgy & Material Science
  • Electronics & Telecommunication
  • Production Engineering (Sandwich)
  • B.Tech Planning

Campus life at College of Engineering Pune

Campus life at College of Engineering Pune

  • The campus is spread over an area of 47 acres.
  • The hostel can easily accommodate up to 2000 students and is located around 200m km from the college premises
  • The hostels are provided with Large dining halls, Sports facilities, and TV rooms, playgrounds that house football, cricket, tennis, and volleyball courts to ensure the student’s involvement in sports-related activities.

Events at College of Engineering Pune

Mind spark

Mindspark - Events at College of Engineering Pune

Established in 2007, Mindspark is a national level fest organized by the COEP and unites the various departmental fests and constitutes around 50 such events which are backed by the sponsors from the Industrial arena who also take part in the recruitment drives.


Regatta Boat Event at College of Engineering Pune

Its one of the few colleges in the World that hosts the boat competition. Established in 1928, it doesn’t just focus on the racing competitions, instead, it also showcases the various boats that participate in the event namely the scull boats, shell boats, kayaks, and punts. The events that come under Regatta are- Punt Formation, arrow formation, kayak ballet and Mashaal dance.


ZEST fest at College of Engineering Pune

It is one of the largest sports meet among the engineering colleges across India. About 5000 students from all across the nation representing various colleges participate in the 25 competitions. The event is sponsored by some of the Industrial giants who have tie-ups with the institute and take active participation in the campus drives. Cash prizes and Certificates are provided to the winning teams.

Club Activities at College of Engineering Pune

Club Activities at College of Engineering Pune

History Club

The club aims to club together people with an inclination towards history and the formation of a forum that leads to the exchange of views, ideas and awareness about important historical events and topics among the students and the faculties of the college.

Debate and Quiz Club

The club conducts debate competition under the name of Sir M Visvesvaraya Memorial Trophy in Marathi, English, and Hindi. Students from various parts of Maharashtra can take part in this event.

Personality Development Club

The club aims to improve the overall personality of the student along with their technical prowess and thus help them to create better career opportunities for themselves in the future.


It is an NGO that creates awareness among the people regarding cleanliness, pollution, social gathering, blood donation and rural student development activities.

Robot Study Circle

It aims to promote knowledge of Robotics among the students. The club organizes various activities, projects, use of advanced Robotics labs that help the students get an experience in the field of robotics.

Astronomy Club

It involves activities, workshops and discussions that center around telescopes, star gazing and other interesting fields of astronomy.

Science Club

It tries to level up the curiosity quotient among the students regarding the Scientifical arena.


It covers the news around the various events and activities taking place in the college premises and is published on a quarterly basis.

Student Welfare Forum

The Welfare Forum tries to put an end to all financial, social and educational problems faced by the students and also engages the students to participate in various leadership programmes that enhance their communication skills.

Society of Women Engineering

It is a non-profit organization that promotes the women to take up engineering for education. It involves the conduction of various events, lectures, workshops for the professional and personal development of the women.

Abhiyanta (Magazine)

The Magazine focuses on publishing the information that revolves around a particular department with its editions. It also showcases the interviews and lectures of some eminent personalities of a particular discipline.

Arts and Crafts Club

The club aims to develop the artistic abilities of the students who are passionate about sketching, painting and organizes various events and exhibitions for the same.


COEP has a club SPICMACAY ( Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth) that aims to increase the awareness of the classical music, dance, culture, and arts among the students

Philomystics Club

The club was established in 2009 and is a platform for the students interested in philosophies and conducts various lectures and discussions on philosophical topics.

Notable Alumni of the College of Engineering Pune

  • Nitin Paranjpe, CEO, and MD of Hindustan Unilever Limited.
  • Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, the Biggest manufacturer of two-wheelers across India.
  • Baburao Pulke, Founder of B.G. Shrike and Co.
  • C.Kumar N.Patel, Vice-Chancellor at University of California
  • Sandeep Johri, CEO, Tricentis, Entrepreneur.
  • Thomas Kailath, Professor of Engineering, Stanford University.
  • Vaibhav Tatawaadi, a popular actor in Hindi and Marathi films.
  • Dr. S.G. Dhande, Ex-Director, IIT Kanpur.
  • Vijay Kelkar, Recipient of Padma Bhushan, Chairman of National Stock Exchange of India.
  • Ramesh Raskar, Associate professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
  • Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, Recipient of Bharat Ratna, well known Indian personality.

Recruiters at College of Engineering Pune

Some of the past recruiters at COEP:

Recruiters for Placements at College of Engineering Pune Recruiters at College of Engineering Pune Employment Recruiters at College of Engineering Pune(Source: COEP)


Rankings for College of Engineering Pune

COEP is consistently ranked among the best colleges in India. Outlook India had ranked it 10th in the list of top engineering colleges of India for the year 2017 and NIRF ranked it as 45th in the top 100 engineering colleges list for the year 2018.

Contact Details

Address: College of Engineering Pune, Wellesley Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411-005, Maharashtra.

Phone no: +91-20-25507000

To know more about the College you can visit the official website-  College of Engineering Pune

Truly amazing, isn’t it? An opportunity of spending four golden years of your life in an esteemed institute like the College of Engineering Pune is nothing short of striking gold at the right moment.