College Life – The exciting beginning and an emotional end


At the very beginning itself, if you have just completed your high school, I would like to congratulate you on your success and wish you the best for your upcoming challenging but exciting life ahead. Now, the journey ahead is really very different from the journey you have been through. College life brings a bucket of new things into the life of freshers. Earlier you must have been studying thoroughly for school exams, wake up early in the morning, go to sleep on time, but now onwards everything is going to change. Whatever the changes will be coming now onwards will boost your life up for the most challenging and stressful life you could ever dream of.

The Beginning of a new Life – College Life

Finally, the day came into my life which I was always dreaming of and that was the first day of my college life. I woke up a bit late that day i.e at 8’o clock rather than getting up early up at 5:30 sharp in the morning during my school days. As the college was near to my residence, so I was not at all worried about getting late. Pretty excitement and a bit of nervousness were all I was carrying along with a bag with just a single notebook. At the entry, I was greatly welcomed by the beauty of the campus. Fountains, trees everywhere, big auditoriums and interactive classrooms were all I always dreamed of.

Finally, I entered my classroom and met a bunch of new people from different sections of society. This was totally new to me. Earlier, more or less we all belong to the same sections in a school. Each and everything was new to me.

I was missing my old days too but as the time passed I adapted the change in my life. Then I was introduced to hangouts in the canteen, one of the most addictive and enjoying times of college life. During these hangouts, I felt relaxed and comfortable among the people with whom I am going to spend the rest of the upcoming years of my graduation. The day ended with full excitement along with a few life lessons too.

Attendance, Exams, and Stress

In college, the attendance scenario is different from the school ones. For every individual subject, you need to maintain attendance. Exam pattern was also different here. No more weekly test, so more extra homework, only thing was assignment submissions which would hardly matter to your grades. But the number of subjects I had in school were much less than those in college. Currently, I am having 10 subjects in the first sem of my engineering where I used to have only 5-6 in my schooling days. So, the stress here increased due to the number of subjects.

College Team Auditions

I was committed to dance as one of my co-curricular activities since my childhood. So, I thought of joining the college dance team so appeared for the auditions. I was undoubtedly very nervous as what I used to do early was very casual but here in college, since you will be representing the college, so you need to have much higher skills.

Then, I met a senior who motivated me and told me that every expert was always a beginner some day. So, I stood up on stage and amazed the crowd with my steps and expressions. All I was surrounded by was the large clapping crowd that day.

Now, I am learning new skills under my seniors and even through workshops outside the campus which brought up a dedicated and skilled dancer in me.

College-fests and Competitions

Another interesting part of college life is the fests in college be it technical or cultural. Fests brings up a boost in the minds of college students. Technical and cultural fests bring a lot of challenging and enthusiastic events for students to excel. The awards and prizes in these events serve a major role in the personality development of an individual. These fests even bring students closer and help in maintaining friendly relations among colleges. The best part of these fests is the Star-Night performance which energizes the entire college crowd so much that even a non-dancer can barely stop that day.

The Ending Days

Though college life brings up a series of memories, lessons, and knowledge in one’s life but the ending days are really very difficult for a student to handle who has lived every single moment of his/her life on this beautiful campus and worked every second here to make the college feel proud on him/her. One becomes speechless at the end because whatever he/she will be uttering in the name of last words to the college, it would be less always. It is very hard for the persons who have been through this college be it for even a few months. Attendance panics, short notice work submissions, mass-bunks, hangouts, trips, fests, inter-college competitions will all be missed. Believe me, You will be missing your college days and the memories you made here, every single moment here all your life. So, live your college life to the fullest and don’t be scared of challenges, let them come, be brave and face them.

Hope this article brings up enthusiasm and motivation to you. All the very best.