College Library – Types of people you will see in your college library


With an increasing trend of technology, almost every student runs after the ebooks that are available at ease over the internet and the time that one used to devote earlier in the college reading in the libraries is now being replaced by hanging out at malls, bike rides and so on. Whoever heads off to the library is considered to be less on technical grounds, however, one cannot fully rule out the advantages of going to the college library.

The numerous advantages being: You could read for an infinite time, you devote some time in the real world away from the clutches of the virtual world and also you could meet new people.

Here are the types of people you can meet in a college library

The Aspirant/Researcher

The aspirants usually include the ones preparing for UPSCs or CATs or any such things, they usually share a love affair with a particular corner of the library and are surrounded by piles of books, notebooks, notes and all. Ignorant of others they are the ones really engulfed in their own selves.

The Perpetual Scrounger

These are the ones who could spend hours literally hours searching for the perfect books for themselves and no wonder eventually they end up getting nothing for themselves and then make a declaration: “There’s nothing good here”. However, the thing that they really love is scrounging and can spend a considerable amount of time doing that only.

The Schemers

They are the ones who tend to hide or take away the books that they like the best from other people’s vision by keeping them in all those hard to reach places where no one could even think off!

The Phone Chargers and the Wi-Fi Raiders

There is also a bunch of people who visit libraries merely to get their phones charged or avail the facility of free Wi-Fi so that they can easily get some personal virtual time in the place that is dead silent, also they are usually found in most distant corners!

The Doodler/Scribbler

These are the ones who never fail to showcase their extraordinary talent for art. They are the ones who utilize their free time by doodling graffiti on the walls all over whether it is in a classroom or the library also!

The Pleader

The Pleaders can also be called the entertainers, for the fact that they always tend to forget all those books they have issued and whenever they turn up with the pile of books with a good amount of finely calculated against their names all they got to do is to plead in front of the all-time nagging librarian. Whatever may be the case their conversations are interesting and entertaining for the whole place.

The Observer

And then there are the observers who sit quietly at one corner of the library engrossed in some stuff like reading a book or making notes, however, what they actually do is to observe whatever is going on around them. They may look calm but the thought that circulates around inside their head is what are others doing? Or what are others reading? Usually, the most ‘vella’ ones of your college can spend hours observing others.

So, now you have an idea that what types of people you can encounter while in a college library, be sure to save yourself from some of them as they can waste your time and eventually you will end up leaving the place empty handed which you would never want to face.