College Freshers – Best Memories as a college fresher


College life is one of the best life which brings adventure, excitement, joy along with a new set of challenges. These 3-4 years teach you a lot in your life and prepare you for the rest of your life. During the very beginning days, you may not enjoy your college life that much as it is a completely different environment for you. But, believe me, you will enjoy your college life the most. In this article, what all things are new and different for a college fresher will be discussed. So, fasten your seatbelts, college freshers as you are all set for the most adventurous ride of your life.

Class Time-Tables

 Differences between college life and school life are drastic. During school days I used to have classes till 2 o’ clock but the most shocking part was the time-table of college till 5 o’ clock and I was like man, who does this? It is totally ridiculous. Bring out the entire administration and I am going to smash them off, I was filled with such an agitation in my mind. But soon I realized that what I was doing is so-called engineering. So, your hard work ultimatum begins right from the college timetable.


The timetable is not the only thing which makes you realize that you a college student, believe me, that’s not enough at all. The main thundering and shocking change is yet to be announced viz. the professors in college. You no more wish them like “good morning Teacher” like what we all used to do during our schooling. But, who cares about this. I was like let’s follow the same trend here. So, I stood up with my chest out bringing up the entire confidence in me and finally said those words and what I was surrounded after that was waves of laughter. So, again this made me realize that those days went and now is a new and different time.

But the point doesn’t end here. Professors were exceptionally well-trained not only for the purpose of education but also for threatening regarding backlogs and failing in exams. These professors sometimes reminded me of the villains in the Bollywood movies. Even you drop a pencil in his/her class or labs, that person would just bring out the devil inside him/her. Talking inside the classrooms would make them treat you like a criminal and by chance, if you missed their assignments, the situation would become worse. Each professor during my first year had a special personality. Some were soft as velvet but some were unbearable to us.

But in spite of all their personalities and behavior, I greatly respect these professors from the core of my heart. It was the hard work and dedication of these amazing people who pushed to excel in every section of my life be it exams of my college or be it anything. It is really very difficult to thank with a short note to these most important people in my life.

Classmates and the class representative.

I found different things during every single step of my fresher days but one thing which stood the same was my habit to make friends. I met a lot of people from different sections of streams and got closer to them in a very short period of time. Then, there was an election to choose the class representative i.e the CR of the class. In the beginning, he was truly excited for his post but as the time passed, all his excitement flew away and turned into brutal punishment one could ever imagine. All the warnings and threats regarding mass bunks and assignments/extra classes were given to our loving CR. Whenever a professor called him be it, anyone, he always used to get shock-treatments. His phone used to get piled up with warnings and threats from professors rather than from chats of his crushes and friends, just kidding though.

But whatever be the situation, he always taught me to overcome every challenge with a smile and laughter no matter whatever be the result. I am thankful to him for the proxy attendances, he distributed to each one of us along with a smile and a relaxed feeling. Also, thankful to the classmates I met in this college, a bunch of truly amazing people who turned this horrible professor lectures into exciting and memorable ones.

Now summing up all, I would like to thank each one of my college family, be it the professors for their teachings or my classmates for their fun hangouts. Now the time has arrived to move to the second year. Though I have three more years to spend with these amazing bunch of people, the memories I made this year are unforgettable. To each one of you all, what I will recommend is live your college life to the fullest. This is the time you will be going to miss to the maximum when you will working for a firm, having the responsibility of your entire family. So, live every single moment here.

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