Coaching Institutes for Engineering Examinations- List of Coaching Institutes for JEE Entrance Exam


In India, an Engineering degree is the equivalent of a having a rendezvous with God in heaven. Sure, being an engineer is really a matter of pride and prestige. But, the thing that adds to the cherry on the top and appraises an engineering degree is getting one from a prestigious and a well-respected institute around the world such as IITs(Indian Institute Of Technology). To grab a seat in these esteemed colleges, you need to crack a severely resilient exam called ‘IIT-JEE’.  In all fairness, this brain-wracking exam is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Only the very hard-working, focused and gritty students manage to make it to these top institutes and that too, after going through a lot of troughs. But, one thing that you can be sure of is that cracking most engineering entrances is near – impossible without proper guidance or coaching. And as the water flows, some of these coaching institutes have already created a name for themselves in the never-ending horde of entrance exams. The below-mentioned institutes are a household name for any JEE or competitive exam aspirant. So, let’s have a look at the top five coaching institutes for engineering examinations.

Coaching Institutes for Engineering Examinations


FITJEE - Coaching Institutes for Engineering - List of Coaching Institutes for JEE Entrance Exam

FIITJEE abbreviated as ‘Forum for Indian Institute of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination’ is a coaching institute founded in 1992 by Mr D.K. Goel who himself is an alumnus of the prestigious Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) Delhi. Tthe official FIITJEE website quotes the inspiration for the foundation of the coaching institute as follows-‘FIITJEE was created with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for serious JEE aspirants’. And needless to say, the institute has kept true to its words, as the number of toppers and successful students in JEE is overwhelming. FIITJEE also provides foundation courses for school students right from class 6 to class 10. The institute also holds a scholarship test for students aspiring to gain admission in this institute. Based on the scores, FIITJEE offers some scholarships with respect to their fees. Other exams for which FIITJEE provides coaching are – the Olympiads, KVPY,  NTSE and of course various state-level engineering entrance exams like the MHT-CET.

2. Bansal

                                                Bansal Classes - Coaching Institutes for Engineering - List of Coaching Institutes for JEE Entrance Exam

The success story of Bansal is really quite exhilarating. Mr Vinod Kumar Bansal, the founder of Bansal commenced on his journey towards teaching IIT-JEE aspirants with just eight students in his dining-room. But, his determination and grit involved in shaping a bright future for his students were such that some of these students actually managed to clear the IIT-JEE exam! Finally, Mr. Bansal came up with Bansal classes in 1991. With Kota being the Jerusalem for the students hoping to clear the arduous exam and with an insane amount of coaching centers in the IIT hub, Bansal easily managed to stand out. It created a record for producing the most number of toppers and an equivalently successful number of students. Bansal’s study material is definitely one of the best out there. The institute also provides foundation coaching for school students and also for other competitive exams like the NTSE, Olympiads and KVPY.

3. Allen Career Institute

Allen - Coaching Institutes for Engineering - List of Coaching Institutes for JEE Entrance Exam

‘Success or failure of any kind, in any field is always short-lived’. And this phrase held true for the so-called ‘Father of all coaching institutes-Bansal.’ Yes.  While Bansal was busy making its mark in producing the toppers for IIT-JEE, there, another institute which was soon to get really popular for JEE exams as well as working efficiently and tirelessly towards its goal.  Allen, which had always been at the top of the ladder for its medical entrance exam results, soon carved a niche for itself in gold by drubbing Bansal institute in its record for creating JEE toppers. Since then, Allen Career Institute (founded in 1991 by Mr.Rajesh Maheshwari) has never looked back when it came to spawning successful students in both the Engineering as well as the Medical Entrances. Its admission in the ‘Limca Book Of World Records’ for creating the top 10 positions in AIIMS exams is proof enough of its capability to cater to every JEE aspirant’s needs.

4. Narayana Coaching Centre

                            Narayana Coaching Centre - Coaching Institutes for Engineering - List of Coaching Institutes for JEE Entrance Exam           

It’s easy to get lost among an assortment of congregated coaching centres, thanks to coaching biggies like Bansal and Allen. But, this thought is simply a myth for Narayana Coaching Centre which has emulated toppers and successful students in the IIT-JEE exam since an eternity. Founded in 1979 by Dr P. Narayana, the institute initially functioned for students aspiring to clear the state-level entrance exams. Soon, 1983 Narayana coaching centre expanded its offerings from state-level exams to the ambitious IIT-JEE.  Since then the institute has positively and consistently produced some of the best results in the country. Apart from IIT-JEE, its students have also bagged laurels in various competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY and of course the Olympiads.

5.  Resonance

Resonance - Coaching Institutes for Engineering - List of Coaching Institutes for JEE Entrance Exam

Well, resonance literally and scientifically means-reverberation.  True to its connotation, resonance is the ideal reflection of success and excellence revelling in its way. Already a brand in itself, the institute added another feather to its cap after one of its students Mr Kalpit Veerwal broke the records and became an inspiration for many after he proudly crowned on the title of ‘Mr. Perfect’ by becoming the only student ever to achieve a perfect score of 360/360 in the JEE Mains Exam. This record has set a new high in the coaching industry and has easily presumed Resonance a class above others. Just like its counterparts, Resonance also offers scholarship tests to students so that the academically proficient and the needy can take advantage of the fee-waiver scheme. Resonance also offers foundation course for school students and even integrated and distance-learning courses. It also offers some of the best coachings for competitive exams like KVPY, NTSE and the Olympiads.

Now, that you have gone through this list and are nearing the end of this article, you might have probably started imagining about enrolling yourself in these classes and studying engineering at your dream college. But, let me bring you back down to earth by saying this- These coaching institutes are just the starter-packs to help achieve your desired goals. Mere dependence on coaching institutes is purely futile. Considering the cut-throat competition to accomplish the best at these entrance exams, you need to be ornately determined towards your goal and make sure that you work hard to the best of your ability!