8 clubs at IIT Madras every aspirant should be aware of


IIT Madras is home to some of the widely acclaimed clubs and societies. The clubs’ activities at both in and out of the premises have brought them accolades from different parts of the nation. In fact, the amount of diversity they offer to the students in terms of highly enthralling clubs and societies is something you won’t find in any institution across the nation. So, let’s have a look at some of the clubs at IIT Madras which have been instrumental in elevating the skills and abilities of students to completely different level.

8 clubs at IIT Madras every aspirant should be aware of!

1. Music Club

It’s perhaps one of the oldest clubs of IIT Madras, which has been engaging the students since 1970. The club’s motive is to promote the Indian classical music among the residents of the campus. The events conducted by the club have witnessed veteran classical singers with D.K Pattammal, Balamuralikrishna, and Semmangudi Iyer to name a few.

2. Film Club

The film club is responsible for providing special screening of the movies( both regional and non-regional) at open-air theatres located within the college premises. The screenings witness massive participation from the public with packed audiences (7000+) being a common sight to witness. The club also follows a specific routine while scheduling the movies. For instance, Hindi movies are shown on Saturdays while the regional ones find their place on festive or special occasions.

3. Speaking Club

Founded in 2014, the speaking club has come a long way since its inception to be crowned as one of the best clubs within the college premises. The objective of speaking club’s pretty simple- enhance the speaking skills of the students by conducting debates, extempores, jamming and other forms of public speaking at regular intervals. The club members also help the students in preparing for the interviews, and feedback to improve the same.

4. Hiking Club

The club conducts frequent hiking trips to various exotic locations, thereby helping the students overcome the pressures and frustrations arising from the nerve-wracking environment.

5. Radio Club

It’s a club devoted to the radio enthusiasts and for those who prefer listening to the communications over the radio channels.

6. Photography Club

The club is formed by photography enthusiasts, with the intent of guiding the budding photographers into becoming professionals by the of their graduation. The members make use of high-quality cameras and equipment to teach the newcomers about the nuances of photography, and also provide them with similar facilities to speed up the process of learning.

7. Literary Club

The club aims to ameliorate the literary standards within the college premises by conducting frequent arts and literature related activities. In order to do so, the members themselves undergo rigorous exercise and training to be in a commanding position. Those who are deemed proficient enough get the required provision to represent IIT-Madras at other universities and institutes.

8. Wildlife Club

Founded in 2002, the club aims to create awareness about nature, wildlife, flora, and fauna, along with the necessary measures to protect the same. The members of this club are wildlife enthusiasts, which comprise of both students and faculties who’ve joined hands to accomplish this objective. The institute’s close proximity to Guindy national park has also helped the club members in carrying out the awareness measures.

Final Thoughts

The clubs at IIT Madras have been a constant contributor to the all-round development of the students. The activities conducted by these clubs at IIT Madras have helped many in striking the right balance between the personal and professional spheres. While the results may not be visible in a fortnight’s interval, they surely will be when the time would come.