5 clubs at IIT Guwahati every aspirant should be aware about


When we talk about the premium institutes of higher learning in the Eastern parts of the nation then the first name that pops into our mind is none other than IIT Guwahati- an institute that aims to impart the highest level of education among its students. The college is a storehouse of some of the finest minds of the nation who don’t leave a stone unturned in leaving a mark for themselves in their domain of interest. While academics do form a major part of the students’ life and routine, it’s their inclusion in the activities conducted by the clubs and societies which contribute significantly to their personal and professional development. In case you weren’t aware of the clubs at IIT Guwahati, it’s time you know about the same.

5 clubs at IIT Guwahati every aspirant should be aware of

1. Octaves

Octaves, the music club was founded by a group of music enthusiasts with the aim of providing a platform for the music lovers to express themselves in front of a passionate audience.  It is regarded as one of the most exciting clubs at IITG which makes the people go haywire from the very instant. They even have their own youtube channel, wherein they post information about any new musical happenings that would take place in the college premises.

Some of the events conducted by Octaves include jamming,  karaoke night, rooftop concerts, instrumental contests etc. which act as a major source of recreation for the students at IITG.

2. Litsoc

The literary club at IITG is a community formed by students who have an inclination towards literature. Anyone who desires to be a part of the literary society can apply for a membership position. Their work primarily revolves around debating and literary activities, with the parliamentary debate being the commonly practiced form of debate. Litsoc members motivate the students to provide write-ups in the form of blogs, technical notes, poems etc.

3. Fine Arts Club

The club conducts workshops related to photoshop, painting, sketching and other related events, followed by exhibitions of the created artworks at the end of the year. The club members conduct workshops and events to guide the interested students in the field of art and crafts.

4. Anchorenza

Anchorenza , the anchoring club at IITG has been a hit among the students since its establishment in 2006. The club motivates the students to overcome their fears and inhibitions arising due to stage fright by conducting sessions on public speaking at regular intervals, till the time students feel comfortable of facing the audience without breaking a sweat. They even conduct mock interviews and group discussions for students appearing for the on-campus placements.

5. Xpressions and Tamachey

Xpressions and Tamachey are the dramatics and nukkad societies of IIT Guwahati.  The members present the societal issues in front of the public in a comical manner by resorting to street plays, mimes, theatres, and short movies. The club has gone from strength to strength since their establishment in 2008, to the extent of being rated as one of the hot favourites of the public in a decade’s duration.

Final Thoughts

The student committees and clubs at IIT Guwahati go a long way in sculpting the personality of the students. The company of like-minded people will surely help you take your skill set to astounding levels. So if you’re at IIT-Guwahati and looking for opportunities which could contribute to your development, then it’s time you tune in for the services of the clubs at IIT-Guwahati.