8 clubs at IIT Bombay every aspirant should be aware about


IIT Bombay is a dream for many, but only a handful manage to live their dream. It’s heaven for engineering aspirants and remains one of the topmost choices for students who wish to embark on a prolific journey in the time to come. Be it the atmosphere,  quality of education, placements or infrastructure, IIT Bombay never fails to captivate the students’ attention. One such thing that has had a mesmerizing impact on the lives of students is the presence of some highly enthralling clubs and societies within the college premises. The clubs at IIT Bombay have found to contribute significantly to one’s disposition.

So, let’s have a look at some of the clubs at IIT Bombay and get to know more about their roles and responsibilities.

8 clubs at IIT Bombay that you probably didn’t know about

1. Quiz Club

The Quiz club conducts regular meetings at sharp 9:00 pm and discusses topics like history, sports, music, marriage, food etc. It’s one of the earliest founded clubs in IIT Bombay and has carved a terrific reputation for itself. The members indulge in regular get together and meetings at sharp 9:00 pm

2. Technic

Technic provides a perfect ground for tech-savvy students. This is the only place in entire IIT Bombay where one could find tech maniacs talking over robots, AI, coding etc. CSE aspirants would surely love to be a part of this club.

3. Scrabble Club

The club aims to conduct frequent puzzles, workshops, and contests related to Scrabble. Though the club is still under development, considering the following it has raked in already, it seems Scrabble would surely be a hit among the students.

4. Speakers Club

The club provides a platform for the students to speak their heart out in the form debates, jamming, extempores, and live presentations.

5. Hobbies Club

The club holds discussions on Tuesdays and Thursdays ( 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm) and provides students with opportunities to build up their hobbies. Students are allowed to experiment with their abilities and sharpen it to perfection. In fact, the club even provides resources for students to enhance their abilities.

6. Astronomy Club

The club conducts regular visits to Nehru planetarium, Giant Metrowave Radio Telescope ( GMRT) and Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics ( IUCCA) to help the interested students know more about Astronomy and what lies beneath.

7. Wildlife Club

The club intends to make students aware about wildlife and nature through tours around the college premises and in the process make then inclined toward the responsibilities they hold towards the mother nature.

8. Mountaineering Club

The aim of this club is to get people to develop a liking towards the mountaineering activities by organizing regular trips to places like Sahyadris, Bhimashankar, Rajmachi etc. In fact, owing to this club’s success, a large number of students turned up for new participants. It is said that Mountaineering club has helped a many in oozing out the pressure that crops up due to the hectic study environment.

I hope now you must have understood as to why the clubs at IIT Bombay enjoy such a large applause from fellow students. The events organized by these clubs not only act as a source of refreshment but contribute immensely to one’s personality and character, something that will help you in the long run. So, if you’re a student at IIT Bombay who’s up for some mind-boggling experiences then do try your hands at the club that suits your interest