5 Challenges during an Internship which every intern faces


Getting an internship that suits your needs is something you would find in abundance these days. You could find internships in the fields of Marketing, Web Development, Content Writing and Business Development to name a few. In fact, you could even catch up an international internship which will add some significant stars to your resume. But, amidst all those glitters, one tends to ignore the problems that generally arise during the course of the internship. People don’t see the internship challenges that crop up during the period of internship. So, let’s have a look at some of the common challenges during an internship which every student might relate to!

5 Challenges during an Internship which every intern faces

1. Lack of Acknowledgement

As an intern, there are many challenges during an internship but there are fair chances for your work to get sidelined in the first few attempts. As a matter of fact, you might not garner the required respect from your colleagues and superiors regardless of your performances. The only way you could beat those unnoticed works would be if you put in rigorous efforts at regular intervals. Dejection is a completely natural phenomenon, which happens to even the best.

Your efforts might be sidelined no matter how hard you work. Despite exhibiting some decent performances, there will be occasions when your work would not be appreciated by your peers.

If you continuously perform well your work can’t be overlooked. So, don’t feel dejected and keep up the good work. It is quite likely when you are new to the organization and are expected to be there for a

2. Non-Cooperative Seniors

This could be one of the major reasons for you to struggle during your period of internship. Presence of peers who are highly cooperative does play a vital role in enhancing your productivity at the workplace, plus, it will determine your level of participation in the ongoing and upcoming events. In such situations, it would be advisable for you to clear all your doubts and concerns in a go, rather than appearing irritable by asking them out at regular intervals. You wouldn’t want to fire up your mentor, would you?

Jot down your points that you want to know prior to confronting such managers, and ask them politely on how to carry out such activities.

3. Time Management a concern

Well, you’ve got to be familiar with the task of multitasking whether as an intern or as a full time professional.It is one of the major challenges during an internship for everyone. You will have to find a right balance between your personal life and professional space. It might happen that you are under 3-4 internships and yet you’d be expected to deliver the deadlines without any compromise from your end.

Time management tips for College Students

A possible solution to this if you know the art of time management or self-management. Start prioritizing your activities. Don’t indulge in unnecessary actions that take up much of your crucial time. You will have to make the necessary sacrifices on a lot of occasions to have a mastery over the multitasking ability.

4. Insufficient Remuneration

You might feel at times that you are being paid far less than what you deserve. You must have opted in for the internship, considering it as an option to gain work experience, but sooner or later you realize that you aren’t being paid sufficiently for your role, in spite of your regular successful efforts.

Frankly speaking, you can’t do much under such situations. Being an intern you can’t expect the compensation to equalize with the likes of a full time professional. You will have to simply adjust to it. But, if you feel that you are finding it difficult to meet your expenses then you might want to have a talk with your superior in such case.

In fact, there will be situations when you will realize that a full-time employee is doing the same amount of work still getting paid more than you. But interns are under a short-term contract and are paid less almost everywhere. If you are getting enough learning experiences and it is adding to your candidature for the future, there is no harm forfeiting some of it. But if you think it is insufficient to meet your day to day expenses, get in touch with the HR and ask for a raise.

5. Excess Workload

There will be moments during your course or internship when you’d be burdened with work more than what you could ask for, and as a result, you might fail to deliver the desired outcome.

One possible reason to avoid such situations would be to get in touch with your superiors, and have a direct conversation with him stating the roles that you do, and if the load could lighten a bit on his part.  Also, you could even ask for some assistance in the form of directions which could help you know more about the assigned responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

Well, these are some of the challenges during an internship that students face inevitably during their course of internships. Though these challenges might appear quite gruesome in their appearance, they aren’t something to be a tad bit afraid of. Slight adjustments backed by a patient mindset is all you need to get the better of these challenges

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