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CFA or the Chartered Financial Analyst is an exam that is conducted by the CFA Insitute of USA to award candidates charters of being a ‘Chartered Financial Analyst’.  If you are looking to appear for CFA 2018,  then you should know how you can get your  CFA Results. So, without wasting much time, let us find out how you check out your CFA Exam Results.

CFA Results – Important Dates

Let us first check out the CFA Results Date. Well the exacts dates for the CFA Result for December 2018 are not known. In the following table we have given the details of the the CFA Dates

Events Dates
LEVEL I Registration Dates December 2018 (August 22, 2018) June 2019 (October 10, 2018)
LEVEL II Registration Dates June 2019 (October 10, 2018)
LEVEL III Registration Dates June 2019 (October 10, 2018)
LEVEL I Exam Date Date to be announced for December 2018
LEVEL II Exam Date Date to be announced for December 2018
LEVEL III Exam Date Date to be announced for December 2018

As you can see, the exact date for CFA Level 1 Results  or for other levels are still not available. To get the latest updates on the CFA Result Date. Click on the link below:

CFA Exam Dates 2018

How to Get Your CFA Results?

You’ll get your results to your e-mail. Just wait about 50 days if you took your level 1 or level 2 exam and add two more weeks for level 3 results.  It is expected that the CFA Level 1 Results for December 2018 would be available at the end of January. You would get an  e-mail message will tell you whether you PASSED or FAILED.Also, you will learn about your performance for given topics relative to other exam takers. You can login to your CFA Institute account for more details

Understanding the MPS

The MPS or the Minimum Passing Score is the minimum marks that you need to score to pass the exam. In CFA Level 1 as well as other levels, you would have an MPS for each of the subjects. The email for the CFA Result that you would get would tell you whether you have cleared the CFA MPS or not. If you have scored higher than the MPS, you would have passed the CFA Level 1.

Different levels would have different MPS, even if the subjects are same. For example, the CFA Level 3 Result CFA would be different from the MPS for CFA Level 2 result. The CFA Institute doesn’t release the MPS. You would only know that that you have cleared the MPS, only if you have passed the exam.

Myths about the CFA Results

Candidates often have a lot of misconceptions in their mind when it comes to CFA Results. Let us take a look at some of the myths and their reality

I have to pass all the topics, to pass my exam.

But what does it actually mean to pass a topic? To score over 70%? Or to be above the MPS for the topic?

What you need to do to pass your exam is to meet or exceed the MPS. But it holds true for your total exam score, not for separate topics. In other words, your aggregate marks should be more than the  aggregate MPS. The subject specific MPS, don’t really count!

Of course, if you score over 70% for every topic, it should ensure your passing the exam (see Myth no. 1 above).

However, consider the following example:

You receive your CFA level 1 exam results. You did poorly in 2 topics and moderately fine in 5:

Subject Score range* Score (%)* Score (pts)*
Ethical and Professional Standards +70% 86% 31
Quantitative Methods +70% 86% 24
Economics 51%–70% 67% 16
Financial Reporting and Analysis 51%–70% 69% 33
Corporate Finance 51%–70% 65% 11
Portfolio Management +70% 82% 14
Equity Investments 51%–70% 67% 16
Fixed Income Investments 0%–50% 46% 11
Derivative Investments 0%–50% 42% 5
Alternative Investments 51%–70% 60% 6
Your Total Score 70% 167
MPS* 69% 165.6

*This is our assumption. As said before, the CFA Institute never gives you exact scores or releases the MPS.

Does it mean the e-mail message says you FAILED?

No! The example illustrates how various scores for different topics still give you a PASS because you managed to meet the MPS of 69% set for your exam.

The MPS is 70%

Well, the MPS is not static. It changes from year to year. However, over the past many years, the MPS has remained slightly below 70%. It is around 69%. Like we said before, the MPS changes from year to year. We suggest that you aim for 70% as that would  keep you safe.

What might sound a bit interesting is that the MPS for all the levels is at the same level in the last few years. This means that you have score about 70% in all the levels.

These were the details of the CFA Result. We hop[e that you found the article to be useful. For more information on CFA 2018, click on the link below:

CFA Course 2018