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In the present scenario, the IT sector is blooming beautifully and one of the demanding jobs in this sector is the protection of the information against external attacks. This the job of an ethical hacker who has is to purposefully infiltrate systems and networks in order to find potential vulnerabilities and fix them. These ethical hackers are given the job of closely observing the internal servers and try to discover possible loopholes that may attract cyber attacks from external sources. To become an Ethical Hacker it is necessary to do certification programs for ethical hacking. This is where the EC-Council comes into the picture.

EC-Council is the brainchild of Jay Bavisi. It was founded in the light of the 9/11 attacks to prepare the society for attacks that are on a cyber level. The EC-Council helps in building cyber safe environments by providing various courses. It is an autonomous, objective and impartial body in all decision making. It is operated on a global scale in 145 countries and the EC-Council for the sake of protection has developed programs like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) and many more.

EC- Council is the world’s largest cybersecurity technical certification body. The certification programs conducted by the EC council are recognized throughout the world. It is also known as the International Council of E-commerce consultants. Individuals who have obtained EC-Council certifications are being recruited by top organizations around the world like IBM, UN, and the FBI etc.

Certification programs for ethical hacking by EC council

Certified Network Defender

Certified Network Defender (CND) is a certification program for network security. This program is a skill-based, intensive lab program which is based on Job Task Analysis and Cybersecurity education.

This course has been constructed keeping in mind the global job requirements and responsibilities. It is developed and constructed after a thorough analysis of the market surveys and research.
It is designed to teach the learners about network security technologies and operations to prepare for an in-depth defence network. It works on the principle of Protect, Detect and Respond to the network security.

The course is structured with full-on practical application in labs which are based on major network security tools and techniques which will aid the learner to have a real-world experience.

The main aim of this program is to focus on creating Network Administrators who are well equipped with detecting threats on the network, responding to them and also protecting from them. A CND will get an understanding of the nature of combining data transfer, network topology, security policy etc.

Brochure for CND

This CND program is useful for people who are employed or have knowledge with regards to the following categories:

  • Network Administrators
  • Network security Administrators
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Defense Technicians
  • CND Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Operator

Certified Ethical Hacker

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a professional who is trained to understand what weaknesses and vulnerabilities do the target systems might have and has knowledge on how to look for them. This is similar to the works of a malicious hacker but is bound by the legal system to clearly assess the security of a certain system.

The CEH program is one of the valued and desired information security training programs. This course provides tools and techniques for hacking that are used by illegal hackers. Their motto is “to beat a hacker, you need to think like a hacker.”
This course aims to delve into the way a hacker thinks so that it guides the candidate to be well prepared in order to be able to defend any future attacks.

This course gives a practical exposure to the environment that works with a systematic process. The candidate will be taught to scan, test, hack and secure their own systems.

Brochure for Certified Ethical Hacking

The CEH training program is of benefit to security officers, auditors, security professionals or anyone who is concerned about network infrastructure.

Advanced Network Defense (CAST 614)

This course enables the candidate to develop a mindset to mastermind a tough and reliable defence system. It deals with the evaluation of improvised and advanced methods of hacking of defence structuring to establish high-grade security practices and methods for protecting secure environments.

This also helps in the identification of threats that try to cripple the company from moderate threats to a high level.
The brochure for this course is available at

Brochure for Advanced Network Defense

Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)

The main aim of this course is to provide the candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary for protecting their information. The course provides an interactive session in order to impart the students with an important understanding of different computers and the network security threats like theft of identity, credit card fraud, online banking scams, virus, email hoaxes, loss of confidential information and hacking.

The classes from this program help the students to take steps in order to reduce and navigate through security threats.

Brochure for CSCU

The salary offered to an ethical hacker is purely based on the skill and the risk involved in their job. The estimate according to payscale.com ranges around11.94 lakhs per annum and can be varying to a greater degree too.
Some of the recruiting companies are

  • Globant Pvt. Ltd
  • Global Immigration Consultancy
  • Brennan IT India Pvt. Ltd
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers Pvt.Ltd
  •  iHackers Inc.

“Most hackers are young because young people tend to be adaptable. As long as you remain adaptable, you can always be a good hacker.”― Emmanuel Goldstein, Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600

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