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Common Aptitude Test aka CAT is the nation’s biggest exam for the admission in the management course. And being the nation’s biggest exam, preparation for this exam never stops. In the race to excel over each other in the CAT exam, to secure a seat in top end B-schools for the desired course, applicants prepare relentlessly.
However, as the applicants commence their journey for CAT and keep covering syllabus, they have the tendency to lose grip on previous topics.  Because of which we believe the revision is also as important as covering the syllabus. After all, you cannot lose to aim the best. We, at topprnotes believe in overall understanding and create a helpful material that tends to boost the preparation of the applicant. Hence presenting you an article with last minute CAT Preparative Tips. That not only give some hacks to solve the papers but also, teach you the key points to remember to remain calm in the exam.

CAT Preparative Tips

So, the day is about to come. At this time, we recommend you revise what you have learnt so far. As we assume that those applicants who have the plan to enrol in IIM’s this year are already done with the syllabus. Although we know there are few applicants, who are still struggling with the syllabus and not sure how they will take on the exam. In this article, we have aimed to help every genre of the applicants for CAT Exam. Here we have clubbed few of the points/tips to help in the CAT 2019 exam.

Mock Test Practice

What the best way to crack an exam is to know the degree of variation. Once you know how tricky that subject/topic can be, you can prepare for it easily. Hence, the best way to practice variety situations is Mock test.

The “D-Day”

The Day of CAT Exam. I cannot forget the scary excitement. The rush of waking up in the morning, the feeling of actually being face to face with CAT Exam. I used to go crazy, I mean I am scared and excited together and tends to miss things. Better is take 2 times check rule, that is check twice before you leave. Reach exam centre before time, prefer to reach half hour early at least.
Because your seating plan is pasted outside exam centre, and people are rushing in. Its better to early, check your seating plan and set aside to revise. I use to listen to music, it calms me down or excites me up for the exam. In both cases, it uses to be win-win for me. But do bring your revision material, that you can actually use to revise. Like short note formula (quants); list of synonyms etc.

Always remember, the more you are prepare the lesser you fear. And every exam is to test yourself, so you better not leave the pursuit to be best.

Subjective Tips

Many applicants came with the query that they want more subject specific tips for the exam. They are aware of importane revison topics and mocks but they want something that add more value to CAT exam. Read the following subject specific tips.


Now, this may be a strong suit for few (most of us) but few struggle to do it. For them, I would suggest to go for 4 set of DI. It has been observed that many applicants were able to score a decent 90 because in their mocks. Hence, your aim should be to take up the DI. However, if you are good at other topics, do attempt them first. As saving the time is most important, if you are not comfortable to attemp DI questions, try on questions from other sections.
Generally, seating arrangement, direction, work and time-based questions are easy to solve with less degree of variety.

Quantitative Ability

This is the section in which most of the applicants spend their time, or even save time for it. It is a section with maximum weightage of marks and has many trickiest questions as well.

  • Attempt Non-MCQ’s questions first.
  • Go for geometry in the end. Not many of us are lucky enough to have hold on it. However, if you know it well go for it.
  • Read the questions of percentage, profit and loss carefully. Usually, they are easy, but the language is the key to understand what question demands. I use to get excited after seeing a similar question that I did in some mock and end up solving for something else but the question wanted to solve for something else.
  • Spend not more than 120 seconds on any question. That is the maximum amount you should spend on each question. If you are certain the question no. you can try utmost 150 seconds. Not more than that.

Reading Comprehension & Verbal Ability(RCVA)

While doing RCVA, speed is the king. One who is able to master the speed of reading can snatch the score from the CAT English section. Which mean if you have a good speed of reading you can attempt the RC quicks which means quick marks. Also, if you are into reading you know the best trick already that is vocab and interpreting the RC. Few hacks for  RCVA are

  • Read essay’s only once with full concentration to take on related questions
  • Close test and para jumble are always my next target after RC.
  • The Odd one out is sheer common sense. What trick can improve that.
  • For synonyms, refer the study material of institutes or for the ease of the applicant we have prepared a list. Check out the list below.

Important Antonym from

Important Synonyms from

In the end, I would like to wish heartiest best wishes to the CAT Applicants. All the very best, and do share your experiences with us whether “Last Minute CAT Preparative Tips ” were helpful to you. For your reference, few quick links are mentioned below.

All the best everyone. Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments because its D-Day.

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