CAT Exam 2019 | CAT Exam Preparation Tips | Important Points to remember


Common Admission Test (CAT) is a nation-wide entrance exam accepted by various b-schools, most notably the IIMs. CAT is informally considered the toughest exam in the country because, apart from being the entrance exam for several B-schools, some highly prestigious, the competition starts from as early as 75-80% which is usually considered a good score. It is said that CAT requires an average of 5 months of preparation to have a chance of scoring a decent percentile. In these 5 months, the last month or month and a half are extremely critical because one should finish base studying and focus on collating their knowledge and doing the final preparations. And here the importance of the planned study comes in the importance of CAT Exam Preparative tips to excel from the rest of the applicant. These hacks only help to understand the small steps towards the big winning step.

CAT Exam Preparative Tips

We believe the approach for the clearing the exam is to learn CAT Exam Preparative tips both generic and subjectwise. We have tried to capture best of both approaches.

Generic Tips

During the course of study, you will have realized the importance of shortcuts in attempting the question. You have less than 60 seconds to answer each question. Since it is sectional time, you can’t utilize the time you saved in other sections. Speed coupled with accuracy is the only way to go. Here are some tips for those last minute preparations

  • Time Management: CAT is unpredictable. You can’t expect questions from previous years’ questions. With its vast syllabus, one can’t hope to complete without proper management of time
    • Allocate the schedule so that no topic is left out. At least learn the basics if not decent mastery over it.
    • While in CAT Exam, try to cover up in English in less time. That way you can save some time for Quants and Reasoning.
  • Confidence: A lot of it depends on your mental strength too. People faint the day of exams because they are unable to handle the stress. Here are some things you can do
    • Surprise test yourself. You find a little bit of free time, pick a few questions and solve them. This will help you gauge your position and boost your confidence
    • Workout or meditate to release stress.
  • Practice: 
    • Practice As much mocks as you can. It will help you to gain confidence and would introduce to the variety of questions.

Subjective Tips

These are few tips we have mentioned regarding a particular subject. The applicant can refer these tips and use them in the main CAT exam.

Time Allocation:

Focus on what’s easy first. What you can score well in, focus on that. If you’ve read enough books and the keycards for English and comprehension as you are advised to, you’ll notice that English is the easiest part and this is where you score the most. In that way, prioritize. Once that is done, note the following:

  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation:
    • There are some basics that can be done in one sitting without breaking a sweat such as blood relations, series, directions, arrangements, and odd-one-out. focus on these. While they aren’t worth many marks, they certainly will give you the edge. Thankfully, unlike GMAT, the difficulty levels don’t alter. Therefore you need as much edge as you can get
  • Quantitative Ability:
    • In Quant, there are certain areas like P&L, Percentages, Probability which essentially serve as the base for every topic. Ensure you are perfect in those before progressing to the harder topics like Permutations and Combinations, Trigonometry etc.
    • Give yourself enough time to learn the formulae for mensuration and geometry. This comes in handy
  • Comprehensive English:
    • In English, take note of the salient points in reading comprehension. Of course, nothing beats speed; but you can find a handy trick is remembering key lines and extrapolating from them.


The CAT Exam Preparative tips are just a way to ease your exam. However, eventually it the applicant who needs to hustle. One must remember that the best one can do is to be thorough with the basics. Since it is percentile, you stand a chance of gaining exactly as much as you’ve learnt. Therefore, be confident, reach the exam hall early to identify your room, check if your system is working fine and do your best.