CAT 2019 Exam – Do’s and Don’ts in CAT Personal Interview


Clearing the exam and getting a call letter for further steps is a big achievement for any student. Whether the college is one that you wanted or one that you settled for. It is now time to make the best impression(aka expression) with the panel so that your admission into the college gets confirmed and Personal interviews are the best way to do it. In many ways, Personal Interviews are considered as the final step before admission is offered to the candidate. This is because an interview offers the panel several things, most importantly, whether the student is compatible with the program or not. We have summoned the aspects of the CAT Personal interview, it clarifies the motto and expectation of panel in the CAT Interview.

CAT Personal Interview – Do’s and Don’ts

What do Personal Interview gauge

The questions asked in an interview don’t really have any rules. The panelists may ask you questions about anything and everything. The main purpose of doing this is to understand you as a person. This helps them in determining if you are a suitable candidate for the program and/or the college. It helps them put a face to the picture that your CV presents. It also helps them complete the story about the kind of the person you are. The questions that they ask you in the interview help them to assess what kind of an individual you are. However, this shouldn’t affect the way you prepare for your interview. Ideally, the questions would be about your work experience (if any), hobbies, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements etc.

How to Prepare for Personal Interview

Since there is no defined pattern to these interviews, the best one can do is to prepare generic questions such as the one below. In addition to that, there are certain Do’s and Don’ts for an interview that, if adhered to, will help you in acing it.

  • Do’s in an interview
    • Make yourself heard clearly. This doesn’t mean you speak over the panelists or override the questions they are asking. This just means that you need to have a clear diction and voice. Don’t use high-frequency words. Make your language simple, concise and clear. Keep the vocabulary simple, but use relevant words
    • Make sure your appearance is primmed and well-maintained. While beards are generally allowed, make sure it is trimmed and shapely. Wear freshly pressed clothes and avoid clothes that speak of hip fashion or pop culture fashion. There are going to be some generic questions such as
      • Tell us about yourself
      • Where do you see yourself in five years?
      • What are your long-term goals?
      • Why MBA?
      • Why our college?
    • Why this program? Make sure you are able to answer all of those questions well.
    • Give handshakes, but don’t be excessively outgoing. This creates a negative opinion.
    • Don’t get yourself worked up about the criticism they offer. Take it gracefully.
    • Read up about the college and the program.
    • Read the basics of your major. Your questions would mostly be about them.
  • Don’ts in an Interview
    • Don’t make excuses for the adverse results in your CV. Own up to it and tell them how you made up for it later
    • Never speak negatively about your previous employer or institution. This sends across a negative message
    • Don’t show laziness or anything that shows that you won’t work hard in the program
    • Don’t speak about experiences from your schooling or further beyond. They don’t count now
    • Don’t be rude to the receptionists, liftmen, doormen or the office boys. They all carry that message to your potential employers
    • Don’t arrive late to the interview. Your bosses might come late, but ensure that you arrive on time; preferably fifteen minutes before the stipulated time
    • Don’t arrive in unpressed clothes, unshaven beard or uncombed hair. Uncouthness gives out negative message about your personality traits
    • Don’t lose temper or shout over the panelists, contradicting their answers. Nod and smile if you don’t agree with something they say.


Interviews are highly informal affairs that serve to strike a dialogue between you and your potential employer. Be yourself, answer honestly so as to give a complete picture that will instill confidence in the employer about your compatibility with the program and you’ll do fine.

Pro tip: Watch any inspirational movie or TV-series before the Interview day. (The Pursuit of Happyness , Suits)

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