Careers in Demand – Popular careers which are in Demand


Nowadays students are pressurised for seeking the career which will give them the highest salary. But have you ever seen the scope of the career which you have chosen? However, people have also started migrating to other developed countries of the world in order to have a better standard of living and earn a higher remuneration. Only if you would know the careers in demand? So, here is a list of careers in demand and prominent careers around the world.

Careers in Demand Around The World

1. Software Developers

Software Developers - Careers in Demand

Software and machine knowledge is taking over all around the world. Therefore, there is a need for raising the bar of technology and computers in order to make our work easier and quicker. As a result, people rely on the services of software developers who are in great demand in all countries. Though it is difficult to learn the skills of a software developer, you get heavily paid for it. The average salary of a software developer in the USA is $90000 per annum.

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2. Engineers

Engineers - Career in Demand

One of the most popular careers in demand – Engineers are the individuals who are universally demanded. They can be mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, engineering managers etc. The rising demand for high skilled labour and industrialisation has increased the prospects of an engineer worldwide. However, the developed countries are more demanding for engineers as a result for improving their manufacturing processes.

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3. Nurses

Nurses - Careers in Demand

Nurses are the most sorted professionals who can get a good job anywhere in the world. The ability to take care of the patients and looking after their needs properly is very important in today’s world. The annual salary of a nurse starts at $53000 and it goes on increasing along with experience and seniority at the workplace. Though they have long hours and sometimes compromising shifts, the job of a nurse is quite reliable and easy to search for.

4. Accountants

Accountants - Careers in Demand

Accountants and chartered accountants are great in demand due to their statistical and technical knowledge. They are the people who are required in almost every type of company to maintain their financial records. Accountants can be paid in absolute fortune even if they work solely or for a company. The demand for accountants is high in countries of South America, Asia and Europe.

5. Psychologists

Psychologists - Careers in Demand

Psychologists are great in demand due to the rise in the standard of living of people across developed countries. People are driven towards maintaining their mental health in order to live longer and healthier. As a result, they wish to seek the help of psychologists who help them to ease their mind and heart and encourage them to live life happily and stress-free. Countries such as Denmark, Finland, Canada, Chile, Australia etc. are seeking more psychologists for the betterment of the people of their country.

6. Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists - Career in Demand

Physiotherapy is not just limited to muscular-skeletal disorders but now it also covers a wide range of other clinical illness which can be cured by physiotherapists and their treatment. The developed countries of North America and Europe are facing difficulty in filling up these job positions. The average annual salary of an entry level physiotherapist ranges from $35000- $45000 and it increases along with experience and postgraduate studies.

7. Sales Executive

Sales Executive - Careers in Demand

Sales job are difficult to fill in making the job prospects of such a job really high. Despite good commission and a decent salary, freshers do not prefer to go for a sales job as they want a proper white-collar job matching their degree. As a result, the sales job positions in Japan, Mexico, Canada and across Europe is vacant to a great extent. However, one can make their career by being a sales executive and earn handsomely as these jobs are quite in demand for the past few years.

8. Chefs

Chefs - Careers in Demand

In spite of various cooking shows airing on the television, there is still a shortage of good chefs in various countries. This job may be considered as a low profile job in India or other developing countries but chefs are in great demand in the developed countries due to professionalism and etiquette maintained in a restaurant. Chefs get a high amount of salary along with various add-on benefits. The scarcity of professional chefs is seen in the countries of Canada, Australia, Norway, the UK and Belgium.

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9. Pharmacists

Pharmacists - Careers in Demand

Pharmacists are the professionals who are capable of treating people who visit the pharmacies built up in malls or grocery stores. They have the required knowledge to provide the best suitable medicine to a patient from the pharmacy itself. While the USA has more pharmacists as compared to the job opportunities available, Europe is experiencing a shortage for well-qualified pharmacists. The average salary of a pharmacist ranges between $43000 to $80000 per annum.

10. Teachers

Teachers - Careers in Demand

Teaching is a profession which does not compulsorily require a medium of an institution. It can simply be worked out on a one to one or a private basis. The need for teachers is rising globally due to the demand of giving quality education to the students worldwide. Countries such as Finland, Poland and Sweden are more in the need for pre-primary and primary teachers while the countries of Europe, North America and Australia are in the need for secondary/ high school teachers.

11. Architects

Becoming an architect requires a great amount of time, money and patience. Along with these, the main attribute which is needed to become an architect is exemplary innovative and creative skills. Though the architecture degree is very expensive, it provides a really high remuneration and therefore more and more people are attracted towards this career. There is a shortage of architects in the countries of North America and also Russia and Spain.

12. Dentists

Dentists - Careers in Demands

The job of a dentist is quite tough as it involves staring and dealing with the mouths of the people unknown to you. It also involves a huge amount of hard work and professional degrees to become a full time, experienced and capable dentist. Of course, after going through this the salary of a well-practised dentist goes up to $1,74,000 per year in some cases. The North American and European countries have a great demand for the dentist profession.

Having known the careers in demand, you will now be able to choose your career more carefully if you are considering the idea of moving into a developed country.