List of Career Options for Fine Arts Students


Fine Arts is a field that is most suited for people brimming with artistic creativity and a skilled hand to match and voice the ideas blooming in their head. Anyone with a passion for visual arts can pursue the field. It is primarily designed to give vent to the most beautiful and aesthetic aspects of human inventiveness. Artistic skills in visual media is a pre-requisite for pursuing BFA and MFA. In this field, students are given the licence to make their ideas come to life either through photography or via the deft strokes of a paint dipped brush. What are the career options for fine arts students?

A Bachelor of Fine Arts is the standard undergraduate degree for students of Arts background who strive to seek professional education in visual and performing arts. As a matter of fact, art is a diverse field that offers a plethora of job opportunities and career options for fine arts students that can be considered by BFA graduates after the completion of the course.

Career Options for Fine Arts Students

A few of the job profiles in which BFA graduates are fit to work in are as follows:

• 3d Artist

• Art Critic

• Art Teacher

• Animator

• Art Director

• Creative Director

• Drawing Teacher

• Editor

• Furniture Designer

• Freelance Workers

• Graphic Artist / Designer

• Music Teacher

• Production Artist

• Senior Graphic Designer

• Sr. Art Director

• Set Designer

A career in Private Sector after BFA:

There are numberless private sector firms that are amenable to recruit graduate students of BFA. They are:

• Advertising Companies

• Art Studios

• Boutiques

• Educational Institutes

• Fashion Houses

• Publishing Houses

• Tailoring Shops

• Television Industry

• Theatres

• Websites

A career in Government Sector after BFA:

It is possible for students of BFA to get a well-paid job with educational institutes. They can also work as photographers or as artists with public sector Institutions. In addition to this, they might also try their hand at freelance work. In fact, it is very much possible for them to work freelance in the following creative areas:

• Clothing

• Direction

• Fashion

• Photography

• Television

Another option for BFA graduates to consider is to work as art directors for industries such as:

• Advertising

• Magazines

• Manufacturers

• Online Services

• Promotion and Product Design

• Publishing Houses

• Software Companies

Career Abroad after B.F.A

Students of Fine Arts are in great demand not only in India but also across its limiting borders. They can easily get a job abroad where artists are materially valued. Graduates of BFA who are in possession of honed artistic skills and a bevvy of imagination can get a chance to work in numerous industries in the relevant field. It is also an added benefit that they can work and sell off their work independently. They can choose to start advertising companies or Art studios. It is totally their call where and how they want to unleash their force of creativity.

Long-term Career roadmap for B.F.A Graduates:

Upon the completion of BFA, students who want to attain a furtherance in their artistic understanding can also opt for the postgraduate level course. MVA ( Master in Visual Arts ) or MFA ( Master in Fine Arts )  can be pursed for this end. Studying either of the two degrees will enable undergraduates to develop a sharper, better and nuanced understanding of Fine Arts. It also provides training for aspirants to establish their career in the area of Visual Communication and Performing Arts.

So, these were the career options for fine arts students. Hence, all in all, Bachelor’s in Fine Arts is a course that is a gateway to numberless avenues that are both artistic and creative. It is a perfect choice for ingenious students who wish to vocalise their aesthetic sentiments and give it full expression.