Career Options for a student Of Political Science | Career after Political Science Honours (B.A Honours)


These days, colleges and universities offering a number of courses. You will definitely get a course (undergraduate/diploma) according to your interest and passion. Some of the courses were introduced very recently such as BA in Tourism, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery etcetera. But there are some courses which are, I believe to be classic. Such courses are Honours in English, Mathematics, Political Science, History etc. Know about Top Colleges offering B.A Political Science Honours. Today I am going to tell you about some career options after the very popular course of Political Science Honours i.e B.A Honours in Political Science.

If you are a student of Political Science, then I am sure that you must be tired of hearing “neta banoge” (you will become a minister). But the opportunities that you get in this course are vast, so “neta” is not the only option.

Career options after Political Science Honours

1. Teaching

Teaching - Career option after Political Science Honours (B.A Honours)

There is not anything better than preparing young minds for facing the world. Teaching as a very noble profession. If you become a Political Science teacher, then it is no less than a job of political researcher as you have to keep yourself updated with the happenings. Political Science has a lot to do with different ideologies so if you are a teacher and you have genuine love for the subject then you would enjoy taking classes. You may teach at school level after completing your Masters and B.Ed. or at college level after completing your Ph.D .

We have main examples of successful teachers in our country, like Yogendra Yadav, professor of Political Science in Punjab University and Neera Chandhoke, professor, Department of Political Science, Delhi University.

2. Government Jobs

UPSC - Career option after Political Science Honours (B.A Honours)

I know the competition is tough. But being a Political Science student, don’t you think that you deserve government jobs as you have been taught about the functioning of government institutions well. While doing your graduation, you may fill up the form of SSC and start preparing for it.

Books are available in the market and SSC CHSL is quite easy. But very unfortunately, because of the kind of education that we receive only few of us are employable so you should constantly work on acquiring different skills along with your technical skills.

3. UPSC – Union Public Service Commision

This needs to be mentioned separately. Why? Because it is the toughest exam in the country. Around 80% students of for Political Science when they have aim for clearing UPSC. But students from all fieldsmechanical engineering and humanities appear for UPSC and results have shown at a large number of engineers clear UPSC.

Well if you do hard and smart work and you are ambitious, then you should definitely try it. Being a bureaucrat you will have immense power, use it for the betterment of the nation. There are some IAS and IPS officers who have made our country proud.

For example, IAS officer, Armstrong Pane, built a 100 km long road in Manipur, only with the help of some villagers. We can also take the example of IPS officer, Shivdeep Waman Lande, who was posted in  Patna, under his tenure crime rates dropped. He was transferred from Patna to Ariara. He donate 70% of his salary to poor people.

4. Lawyer

Lawyer - Career option after Political Science Honours (B.A Honours)

Pursuing law after Political Science Honours is also very common. Lawyer is a good profession with high income and respect. You need to do LLB and then practice. While studying Political Science, you will get a lot of knowledge about Constitution and different laws which will be very helpful while you are practicing for a lawyer.

5. Social Work

Social Work - Career option after Political Science Honours (B.A Honours)

We definitely need some kind hearted persons like you. 😉

If you like to help others , feel for the people who are suffering, then this is a good option for you. You may join any NGO and work for women children and even animals like stray dogs. Maybe you will not get paid that much, but at the end of the day,  there will be satisfaction in your heart and if that feeling matters to you, then social work is the perfect option for you. If you are keen to do social work you can also do it along with your regular job, my taking out sometime from your daily routine. But you may use your political science degree when dealing with anyone who is stuck in some legal problems.

6. Political Journalist

Political Journalism - Career option after Political Science Honours (B.A Honours)

You can always pursue a course of journalism after studying Political Science, as you will have proper knowledge about politics, there are chances that you can be a good and unbiased political journalist. We do have some great political journalist in our country like Ravish Kumar, Sudhir Chaudhary and many more. If you have interest you should choose this path.

These were some of the career options for Political Science Honours students. These are not the only options, there are many more. And some options like journalism or lawyer, you need to do the professional course to along with your Political Science degree. Your choice will depend upon your interest.

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