Career options after BCA | What to do after BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)


The demand for computer professionals is increasing day by day. With the speedy growth of the IT sector in India and new developments in technology, there are many opportunities knocking on your door. You have to take your next step with proper research and analysis after completing BCA. You need to think about various factors like interests and job scope and then only choose one of the best career options after BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications). 

Here are some of the best career options after BCA which you can pursue a career according to your likes and interests. It will help you to clear your doubts about career choices. 

Career Options after BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications)

1. Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer - Career options after BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications)

 Are you interested more in JAVA or a computer language to code out different applications or you got a thing to build something of value? Then you should go for becoming a computer programmer.  A programmer should have a strong observation of details to do the coding. Practice as much as you can because the demand is growing and that’s how it is competitive outside. 

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2. Software Developer

Software Developer - Career options after BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications)

In BCA, you learn everything related to software developing now it’s time to bring that into practical life. Theory life and practical life is quite different, you need to showcase your skills.  Software developers are the creative minds who handle the computer programs with ease. Do you love new and innovative apps but they are not meeting your expectations? Do you love analyzing user needs? Become a software developer. 

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Career options after BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications)

There are plenty of digital marketing tutorials online to start as a beginner. It’s the field of marketing which is growing. Want to become HR? Love marketing? Social media buff? Start your career in digital marketing after BCA. It’s not only about skills but it’s also about your aspect of observing and doing the things. Even if you don’t have enough marketing skills, you will learn that. You can choose from these options: digital marketing, brand marketing or media marketing depend upon interestsDigital marketing has a great scope in the future as traditional marketing is not useful and fast.

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4. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing - Career options after BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications)

Got an eye for creativity? Then a career in graphic designing is for you. Have you ever participated in art competition in your school? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you can put that art on computer screen too. Graphic Designing is one of the popular career options after BCA. To become a successful graphic designer, you must learn all necessary computer skills. Take classes, there are colleges which offer graphic designing courses. Apply for graphic designing internships, they will give you real work experience and you will also get to know whether you have interest in this or not. Practice is the key to success.

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5. Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking - Career options after BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications)

If you are looking for new challenges, here is something new and different career option for you. Internet is more transparent now, even pictures on social media are not safe. In the recent years, Privacy is rising day by day. IT industries will soon begin their research for ethical hackers and cyber-security experts. I would say, update your knowledge base and become a certified ethical hacker to increase your opportunities.

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Final Thoughts on Choosing career options after BCA

You could be a BCA student or BCA graduate now. Learn as much as you can especially practical skills, they are more important in your life. Admit to web designing and web development classes on HTML, JAVA, and SQL. If you don’t want to take classes, learn online. These skills will make your future bright for sure.