Career options after B.Tech | Career options for you after engineering


Okay, so most (if not all) of us are familiar with the movie 3 idiots, right? This ever so faddish movie managed to win the audiences’ heart with its superlative performances from the actors and of course, the notoriously prominent catchphrase-‘All is Well’. Future, as they say, is capricious and tends to abject us more than it is necessary. Most of us right now are in the same disconcerting state as Farhan in the movie. We are confused, have our own  dreams to follow, yet we often succumb to the societal and parental pressures.  We form nothing but just a speck of dust in front of the galaxy of engineers passing out every year! A  fresher graduate who is yet to step into the industry, let alone experience the ebbs and flows of it would surely get baffled by all the disparate career options in front of him. This article here is to help you decide on the choice of career by taking a brief look at the meticulous details of each career field. So, let’s have a look at the diversified career options after B.Tech available for a student.

Career options after B.Tech

1. Masters Of Technology(

Masters of Technology - Career options after B.Tech - Career options for you after engineering

As the name suggests, Masters Of Technology or, in short, is a specialization course of two years. In order to enroll for this, you need to crack a severely competitive exam called- ‘GATE’ which stands for ‘Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering’. Since is a specialization degree, its main focus lies on the core subjects that we encounter during our years. These core subjects include Data Structures and Database Management Systems(for Computer and Information Technology Students) and Theory Of Machines, CAM for Mechanical Students. Plus the GATE exam is based on these subjects, so you need to be really prolific in them. And some of the specializations include Java developer,  Web Technologies, robotics and more. The competition for GATE is usually less compared to MBA and MS, the reason being the requirement of having a good command over the concepts of these core subjects. So, opt for GATE, if and only if you are good enough with the core subjects and would like to contribute something to your branch.

2. Master Of Business Administration(MBA)

Masters of Business Administration - Career options after B.Tech - Career options for you after engineering

If you have a thing for marketing or manipulating people in a positive way through excellent communication skills,  then MBA is the right choice for you. MBA oversees most students from the engineering department. To get into top Indian MBA institutes like IIMs(Indian Institute Of Management), you need to score a really high percentile (probably above 99 percentile) in the CAT(Common Admission Tests) exam. On top of that, high scores wouldn’t exactly ensure an admit card to these top-level institutes since you are required to go through an interview, wherein your secondary, senior secondary as well your college GPA’s will also be taken into consideration. But, then again the perks of doing MBA are comparatively higher and the returns are rewarding. And the cherry on the top? CEO’s like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella are MBA grads themselves!

3. Master Of Science(MS)

Masters of Science - Career options after B.Tech - Career options for you after engineering

One of the most sought-after careers after and the main reason for brain-drain. Students aiming to settle in the foreign country-United States Of America most preferably, usually opt for this. An MS from a celebrated university like MIT or Stanford would adjure you to score really high in the GRE(Graduate Record Examinations). Otherwise, you need to be rich enough to be able to afford the exorbitant fee structure of other foreign universities. The pros of an MS degree include gaining exposure to working with some top companies like Google and Microsoft and a well-settled life in your dream country.  And the cons? Well frankly speaking, with the assignation of Mr.Trump as the president of the States, and so many new laws and hassles involving immigration, the future of students pursuing MS right now looks quite bleak. There is no guarantee of being a permanent part of your company and the chances of getting deported are high. Plus, the lifestyle isn’t exactly the comfy niche that you are looking for, as the salary offered is pretty meek and the standard of living-really high.

4. Government Exams

Government jobs - Career options after B.Tech - Career options for you after engineering

Imagine sitting by the beach on a comfy couch in a clean row-house with a hireling serving you every now and then. Sounds like a dream lifestyle, right? Yes. This dream life is fulfilled by one of the hardest exams in India, the UPSC(Union Public Service Commission).  UPSC exams are the gateway to serving your nation by heralding the positions of IAS, IFS officers. The competition for this incredibly tough exam is really high, and the probability of success is quite shaky and unpredictable.  So, go for it if you have a credible liking towards social studies and also the nerves of steel to clear this. Once you cruise through it though, you can definitely expect to-‘Live life, King size’!

5. Startups

Startups - Career options after B.Tech - Career options for you after engineering

Start-ups have become the most trendy and notoriously in vogue passages into flourishing one’s career. While many graduates dream about opening a big company someday, very few actually venture into it. First of all, you can’t simply open a start-up just like that. You need to have a clear idea about the kind of company you want to invest in, the future aims, the funding and finally the right kind of people to work with. If successful, then you can expect to rise along the ranks of Apple and Facebook. If not, then it is a  lesson to learn in this highly competitive world. After all, what’s a rambunctious life without a bit of risk?

6. Hobbies

hobbies - Masters of Science - Career options after B.Tech - Career options for you after engineering

If you are proliferating of studying further or enslaving at a company, then expanding your hobby into an articulate career is probably the best option. These hobbies include anything right from Dance to Music or even maybe cooking.  I am sure some of you might have dreamed of participating in various reality shows in order to showcase your talent and expose yourself to the glamorous world of the industry.  The returns include fame and money, but you really need to be exceptionally accomplished at what you do.

7. Teaching

Teaching - Career options after B.Tech - Career options for you after engineering

‘A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.’

This is a saying upheld by the great Brad Henry.  A good knowledge concocted with an excellent command over a topic or a subject can brew you with respect and wealth as a teacher. Not to mention the immense gratification felt after helping out a student with their subjects!  With so many coaching classes in demand, the need for qualified professors keeps ever so increasing. If you are really inquisitive about learning new things and passing on the same to students, then teaching is the right choice for you. After all, it’s a teacher that develops the child and brings in the best in his respective pupil.

Coming to the conclusion of this article, I think it’s prudent enough to say this-‘Remember. You are the sculptor and ultimately the master of your own life. It’s your decisions and choices that will make or break your life’. Never ever concede to what the society wants. Find your niche, get adept at it and conquer the world!