Career Options apart from Medicine For PCB Students | Career options after 12th with PCB asides medicine


If you ever go to visit any school in India and ask the question about what do you want to become when you grow up, you’ll see almost half of the hands rising for the occupation of a Doctor!

Given the nature of the profession and the respect and pride that comes with it, becoming a Doctor has always been the top choice for people who take up Physics-Chemistry-Biology (PCB) trio in the science stream after 10th. There is still an ample number of career opportunities for school students after class 12th. However, entrance for medical is quite tough and not everyone is able to make through. Now, what remains lesser known is the fact that there is a wide array of opportunities available apart from medicine in the field of biology.

Career options after PCB in 12th Class asides Medicine

1. Dentistry

Dentistry - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Dental health is an integral part of the public health system. With modernisation and food junkies, dental problems are on a steep rise and so is the scope of this profession. There are several colleges offering the 5 years B.D.S ( Bachelor of Dental Science) course which can be followed by the master’s degree M.D.S. Apart from private practice in orthodontist and Prosthodontics, one can go for oral pathology as research for oral diseases, work in health department, take up teaching or work for medical insurance firms. Aesthetic dentistry covering the cosmetic aspect is also gaining popularity.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacist - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Pharmacy, by definition, is the science of researching, preparing and distributing medicinal drugs. One can pursue a degree of Bachelors of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) followed by Masters (M.pharm). With medical advances around the globe, the scope of pharmacists has not restricted themselves to the retail market but has its tentacles spread in drug preparation and manufacturing, the booming market of research and development, analysing, testing, marketing and the teaching field. It also serves huge government prospects such as drug inspector and drug controller as a measure for regulating medicines.

3. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Physiotherapy covers the non-surgical treatment process. It includes assessment, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. One can pursue a degree for Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT). Numerous sub-fields include orthopaedic, Neuro or cardio physiotherapy and the Community health physiotherapy. Sports physiotherapy is also quite in demand as all sports professionals are prone to injuries that can harm their career, a physiotherapist helps in injury prevention and quick recovery.

4. Forensic Science

Forensic Science - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Forensics is defined as the science of applying knowledge to solve criminal investigations and legal problems. You can pursue a Bachelors of Science (B.Sc) degree in forensics followed by the M.Sc that is the master’s degree. From Central Forensics Labs to research, From Central Bureau of Investigation to Central police, forensics does serve a major portion in maintaining the legal balance of the nation. Institute of Criminology & Forensic science and Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan National Institute of Criminology & Forensic science in Delhi are some of the top institutes.

5. Biotechnology

Biotechnology - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Biotechnology is all about channelizing the knowledge of biology into developing new technology aimed at human enhancement. It mainly deals with topics such as Genetics, microbiology, immunology, etc. One can get either a B.Sc(Bachelors of Science) or a B.E(Bachelors of Engineering) degree in this area. The scope mainly focusses on Research and development but is also used in quality control, marketing and sales, information systems, etc.

6. Ayurveda

Ayurveda - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Ayurveda forms the essence of Indian medication. There have been answers in Ayurveda which have not yet been unraveled by the modern allopathy. Thus, people look over to Ayurveda and that is attracting much of the medical tourism as well. One can pursue the degree of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(BAMS) later followed by certifications of Ayurvedic massage, medicines, Panchakarma, etc.

7. Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Veterinary Science and Animal husbandry - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Veterinary Science doesn’t include just treating animals but also scientific breeding and conservation of animal wealth. One can pursue the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery(BVMS). The increase in pet culture, as well as the aroused need in animal husbandry, suggest wide job prospects for its pursuers. One can work for the government in animal husbandry and wildlife protection department, as public health professionals, Dairy research institutes and the Defence services as they require animals such as dogs, horses, camels, etc. Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Bangalore, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry-Anand are some well-known institutes.

8. Medical Lab Technology

Medical Lab Technology - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

Medical Lab Technology includes testing and reporting investigations based on samples collected. One can either pursue a B.Sc in it or get a B.M.L.T( Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology) degree. The job prospects include joining pathology laboratories, health care administrator, Hospital outreach coordinator, nursing homes and many private hospitals. Besides there are opportunities for research in In-vitro fertilization, molecular studies, etc. some top institutes include the Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological sciences-Gangtok, Southern College of Medical Technology- Chennai.

9. Nutritionist

Nutritionist - Career options after PCB in 12th Class apart from Medicine

The health-awareness in people is rising and with unhealthy food habits invading the lifestyles, the nutritionists have a significant role to play. A dietician or a nutritionist basically directs people towards healthy habits, organizes the diet plan for individuals and deal with the science of nutrition. One can pursue a B.Sc in Food technology, further supported by an M.Sc or a PG diploma in Nutrition. One had to clear an entrance exam to get the Registered Dietician License. Apart from private practices, a dietician can work for public health organizations, Food industries for food planning and service, food preservation, research in food processing, food quality testing, etc. Top colleges include Lady Irwin’s College-Delhi, All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health- Kolkata.

Therefore, you still have these gates open for pursuing your majors in a field relating to Biology. What matters is how willing are you able to grab that opportunity and give your best to excel in your chosen career.