Career Option after BA Economics | Career options for a student pursuing BA Economic honors


Now, when the global economy is actually fluctuating, there is a need for professional economic experts. The need for the professional economic expert is increasing for handling the accounts and look after the economic growth and increase them. The economists are in vogue who can differently strategize the things. If you are planning to lead a role of Economist then you might be thinking great not for yourself but for the economy too. The career option after BA economics is one of the best choices. Therefore the field has a number of opportunities with it.

Some of the areas which are open for the economic graduates include Accounting, Auditor, Stockbroker, System Analysis, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media Analyst, and so on. The Economist is the person so basically analyze about the market to plan how to derive growth.

Career option for Economics Graduates

An economist is a well-versed person who practically analyzes and grows the field of Economics. Many of economist in India are though famous for their plan and strategies, and they are well known as the successful person in the field of Economist. Some of the famous economists are listed below that can inspire you by their work.

Famous Economists to get inspired for B.A Economics as a Career option

Amartya Sen

Amartya Sen is the famous Indian Philosopher and Economist. The person that is well known by all of us, he made many contributions in the welfare economics, social choice theory, economic and social justice, economic theories of famines. The man is though awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Amartya Sen gave many contributions to the Economy, the person that is an expert in economics.

Alfred Marshall

When it comes to Economist, Alfred Marshal is said to be one of the famous economists. Alfred Marshall is said to be the father of economics who gave many of the theories and concepts. He Analysis the concept of consumer, producer, demand and supply. Alfred Marshall is one of the most successful economists which gives the inspiration whom you can deal with the different market situations

Adam Smith

Famous Economist whose theories are still in the books, the man who refers the ability of a party to produce the goods at the absolute cost than the other, Adam Smith many of the theories worked successfully. He analyzed many of the market theories and worked upon them successfully. The man with efforts who gave economics the new path because of his contraventions.

Career Options After BA Economics

Candidates looking for the Career options after BA Economics, you have a wide range of career opportunities. Below we have listed a few options that you can choose:

1. Financial Analyst

Candidates can choose their career as the financial analyst but for that, you should have a strong base of financial terms and theories. During this you can learn about the micro and macroeconomics, the studies will be helpful for the role of Financial Analyst, you will play the role of predicting and analyzing the market strategies. You need to closely understand all the theories and the financial terms. The career option after BA economics can be successful as a financial analyst.

2. Banker

Banks are though said to be the financial institution, deals with monetary terms and various types of policies. You can go for the Bank job and can choose the career in that only. The banks, therefore, have the eligibility for graduation but your knowledge of economics will be an added advantage in them. The Banks also offers the jobs on the basis of Entrance Exam.

3. Stockbroker

If you are interested in Share Market then you definitely have the career as a Stock Broker. It is one of the best career option after BA Economics hnors. Candidates after clearing the graduation with economics they can choose the career as a stockbroker, if you analyze the things properly, your work will maximize the profit and minimize the risks. Analyze marketing is a tough job but also the interesting one. Career option after BA economics as a Stockbroker might be a successful career.

4. Indian Economic Service

Candidates need to complete the post graduation for the IES, the graduation with BA Economics might help the candidates to choose the career in Indian Economic Service. Candidates just need to clear the exam of IES.

5. Journalist

These days journalism are though, in trend, it also involves and interprets, they mostly have the scope in analyzing, interpreting, and planning as the economic journalists. As an Economic journalist, you just need to compile, analyze, and make the reports on the global and financial events. Candidates can choose the top Mass communication Institute to gain the knowledge and be a successful economic journalist.

6. Financial Statistician

Statistics in Economics is the main part, the knowledge of Statistics can help you out in your career option, you can be a financial statistician. You can work on Financial Projects and Statistical Projects, you will be further concerned with conducting the research on the various policies, on their impacts and various suggestions.

The career concepts in the field of economist might be clear, you are just here to choose the best for you in the field of economics. Go for the Best and choose the career as the economist is the different sector. Career option after BA Economics has many of the opportunities ahead.