Career Opportunities after Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) | Career options after BDS


A large number of students end up taking BDS since they don’t get the much coveted MBBS seat they prepared for. But what after that? I have seen people following the herd and ending up in Private colleges for MDS and regretting their decision. I will chalk out a few varied career options or opportunities after BDS:

Career Opportunities after Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

1. Masters in Dental Surgery

This will always be the first option if you really love dentistry; then nothing can be better than MDS from a government college. MDS should be done from a government college since you don’t have to take a loan; also the stipend they pay is enough to help with your daily expenses.

Major advantage: You can instead invest the money saved to open your own clinic.

2. Private Clinic

You can always open up your own private clinic. For this two paths are there. If you feel you know all the basic procedures and are confident to handle patients on your own; then go ahead and open your own clinic. It will take a few years before you start seeing profits but will surely come your way.
The next path is work under some senior dentist. Learn the tricks of the trades and then open your own clinic (this is what most people do). For both of these ways, make sure to complete certification courses like IMPLANTS, PERIODONTAL FLAP SURGERY etc.

3. Doctor Of Dental Surgery(DDS)/Doctor of Dental Medicine(DMD)

This is an altogether new field in itself. You can go to US or Canada to pursue a DDS(Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD(Doctor of Dental Medicine).

In US, You are required to take NBDE exam along with TOEFL/IELTS, Part 1 & 2. Apply to universities and then wait for your interview, bench tests and get admission if you clear the exam. But it requires time, patience and money.

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In Canada, You need to write the NDEB exam along with TOEFL/IELTS.

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4.  MOH(Ministry of Health)Exams/DHA(Dubai Health Authority)Exams

To practice as a dentist in UAE or Dubai, you need 2 years of clinical practice experience and then write the appropriate licensing exams. Post the results, you can apply to various dental clinics or hospitals in middle-east and are eligible to practice in UAE or Dubai as per the exam you take.

MOH Exam

5. Masters in Hospital Administration(MHA)

This course is gaining popularity since the healthcare sector is on the rise and so to manage the hospitals or nursing homes medical professionals are given preference as while dealing with patients -empathy is the primary requirement and who better than the HIPPOCRATIC OATH takers?

MHA colleges list India

6. Masters In Public Health(MPH)

In India, this is relatively new. Many are unaware of the course but public health is important and slowly and steadily the importance is being noticed. This course is quite popular and affordable in the US, so many students take up this route to go for higher studies abroad. You will have to take GRE and TOEFL/IELTS and apply to universities of your choice depending on your scores.

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7. Union Public Service Commision(UPSC)

Not many dentists end up writing the civil services but they can. If you have that knack to serve the country which doesn’t involve clinical dentistry, civil services is really a great option to go for.

8. Masters in Business Administration(MBA)

Not many take this route since maths and aptitude seem tough but dentists do end up being good managers if they walk this path and diligently. Management Exams you can prepare for and enter the field of Management write include – CAT, XAT, NMAT etc.

These are the top 8 options I could think of keeping both future growth and monetary aspect in mind. Will keep updating the post. Also will write a detailed post about all the topics mentioned above individually.

Don’t follow the herd; Make your own path; Success will follow you