Career as a Physical Therapist – Colleges, Expected Salary and more


Being a doctor is a job of great responsibility and ethical values. Physiotherapy is one such branch of medicine which cures the people with traditional treatment including exercises, massages, therapies etc. Since this profession has gained a lot of importance in the past years due to the growing ailments related to body and muscle pain, people consider physiotherapy as the safest and most preferred option to cure almost any disease today. Physiotherapy is not only limited to musculoskeletal disorders but it also heals a number of other ailments such as sinus, migraine, injuries, disabilities, accidents, arthritis, fractures, general wellness, obesity and many more. Let us know more about this noble career as a physical therapist.

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Career as a Physical Therapist

Who is a Physiotherapist?

  • A physiotherapist deals with patients having physical disabilities and problems related to their general wellness which stop them to carry out their normal life peacefully.
  • A physiotherapist also rehabilitates its patients by giving them hope to live a normal life and restoring their belief about getting cured soon.
  • A Physiotherapist may first ask you to carry out some tests which will enable him to examine and evaluate your exact condition on the basis of which he will start your treatment.
  • The therapies can involve manual therapy and massages, therapeutic exercises, hot and cold compress, ultrasound and electrical stimulation, acupuncture and cupping.
  • According to the extent of the damage, the physiotherapist decides the course of its patient using the appropriate treatment method with essential oils and liquids.
  • A physiotherapist also teaches its patients to use equipment such as walking sticks, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs etc.
  • Physiotherapy aims to relieve the pain, improves coordination, flexibility, balance and motion of the muscles, thus preventing any type of disability in the future and promotes good health.


 Qualities to be possessed to be a Physiotherapist.

  • As physiotherapy involves mental and emotional grooming, a physiotherapist should be a kind-hearted and fun-loving person who is able to understand the problems of its patients and guide them in the most amicable way.
  • A physiotherapist should possess the qualities of love, compassion, kindness and understanding in order to carry out its job efficiently.
  • A physiotherapist should have an open and stable mind in order to connect with its patients and be able to handle their frustration about their disabilities and provide them with the required guidance to be determined and confident about themselves.
  • An individual also has to be physically fit, in order to treat his patients since this profession involves a lot of manual work.
  • A physiotherapist should be sensitive and empathetic to both the physical as well as the emotional problems of the patients.
  • A person should be flexible and active to be able to deal with all types of patients and he should have that quality of posing a charming smile and saying some soothing words in the first meet itself which will cure half of the pain of the patients.

Technical degree required

  • As a start, you need to study Science in your 11th and 12th with the major focus on subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • After that, you can go for Bachelor in Physiotherapy or Bachelor in Physical therapy.
  • To give a more emphasis on this profession, you can study Masters in Physiotherapy with a specialization subject.
  • To brighten your career and payscale, you can opt for PhD too at a later stage.

Best colleges for Pursuing Physiotherapy

These are the best colleges for a career as a physical therapist.

  • Apollo College of Physiotherapy – Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Health Education and Research – Patna
  • Institute of Physically Handicapped – New Delhi
  • Government Medical College – Nagpur
  • Guru Gobind Indraprastha University – New Delhi
  • KEM Hospital – Mumbai
  • City College of Physiotherapy – Mysore

Expected Salary of a Physiotherapist

  • At the entry level in this profession, a physiotherapist in government hospitals takes about Rs.35000 per month as his salary.
  • Physiotherapists can also have their own private clinic in which they can earn around Rs.25000 per month in the starting of their career. The earnings can go up to Rs.70000 to Rs.80000 per month depending upon your treatment given to your patients.
  • A professor taking Physiotherapy lectures in colleges can draw about a salary of Rs. 60000 to Rs.70000 per month.
  • In Foreign countries, a newly qualified physiotherapist can start his career by earning the US $22000 to $27000 per year. Highly qualified Physiotherapists can earn up to the US $60000 per year.
  • Career opportunities for this profession are vast in countries of Europe, USA, New Zealand, Canada and also the developing countries of the Gulf, India and Sri Lanka.


Life as a Physiotherapist

  • The job outlook for this profession is on a constant rise since the demand for physiotherapy is increasing due to the musculoskeletal ailments which are very common in people nowadays.
  •  If you choose to pursue a career as a physical therapist then your life will be less monotonous because it involves meeting new types of people every day and carrying out a number of different duties according to the requirements of the patient.
  • A physiotherapist can work full time, part time, take other jobs on the side, take breaks and return to work after a period of time.
  • The job of a physiotherapist is quite flexible and it changed according to the changing time and needs of the people.
  • A physiotherapist also needs to have a good communication and teamwork with other people associated with his work such as doctors, nurses, assistant staff, social workers etc in order to carry out his job smoothly.
  • In all, the profession of a Physiotherapist is considered to be a noble profession where the therapists not only cures the physical imbalances of an individual but also improves his mental and emotional well-being.

Career as a Physical therapist is in demand right now because more and more people prefer to have a therapy rather than going through operations and surgeries. With no side effects, this branch of medicine is surely gaining a lot of importance in the past few years and hence physiotherapists are regarded as a high degree of a group of doctors available at the service of the common people.

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