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Campus Life at Silicon Institute of technology, an engineering college in Odisha is more than just books & lectures. Because Silicon believes that real study starts outside the classroom & that’s the beauty of campus life. Silicon campus offers a pool of opportunities, making learning a pleasure.

Campus life at Silicon Institute of Technology

Campus Life at Silicon Institute of Technology Fun

At Silicon Institute of technology, the students don’t need to give excuses for a well-earned break from textbooks, as our event-packed calendar keep their mind fresh & entertained.

At Silicon, students have a meaningful learning experience while enjoying all that the engineering life has to offer. No doubt study is the utmost priority, but it should also be a time to make friends and have a great time outside the classroom. Because these are the days that won’t get comeback again, so making friends and reflecting on your classes are valuable takeaways from the student experience.

That’s why – Silicon have assorted clubs and committees where students can socialize & indulge in what they love to do. It carefully merges the academic needs of students with opportunities for their all-round development, ensuring a Safe & Entertaining Campus Life for Engineering students.

Co-curricular activities

Be it singing, playing the guitar, dancing, photography, playing football or cricket, making robots, doing social work or watching educative cinema, Silicon makes sure students get everything at their feet to have fun while learning. The Campus Coordination Committee (CCC) ensures that all students make a smooth transition to the college and don’t feel alone. They mentor and guide the freshers and frequently arranges small and big events and gatherings to help them interact in social settings.

Debates and Leadership sessions

The Meta Academic Cell at the institute, too, plans and arranges numerous events like debates and Model UN sessions, to get the most out of their learning experience. It also encourages healthy participation and competition among students, making them future ready. The best thing is, Silicon campuses are ragging-free with a zero-tolerance policy towards ragging.


Students on campus can access a state-of-the-art library, equipped with a computerized reading zone till late at night and exploit the e-resources available there. The evening tutorial classes and consultation with teachers make learning at Silicon worthwhile.

Health Care at Silicon Institute of Technology

Health is wealth, and it’s one of the most important aspects of campus life – We mean it. That’s why we make sure, the highest quality is maintained when it comes to food. Students avail healthy and hygienic food with a variety of national & international cuisines in the college Canteens and Cafeteria to cater to diversities. We do have our own Bakery and a Veg Canteen as well, where they can get food of their choice at reasonable prices.

Silicon has got water purifiers and coolers installed throughout the campus and hostels to ensure germ-free clean drinking water 24×7. We are also one of the most beautiful eco-friendly clean campuses in Eastern Odisha with abundant greenery that’s a pleasure to the viewers’ eyes. Special care is being taken to maintain a clean and green environment with lots of plants (seasonal/perennial and flowering/non-flowering) that are prepared in the nursery.

Silicon provides medical facilities to the “residents” of Silicon to ensure they are in good health. Doctors (a lady & gent) pay a visit to the campus twice a week as a part of the regular check-up. For this, Silicon only charges a nominal amount of the consulting fee (Rs.10/- only) and the rest are taken care of by the Institute itself. Silicon does have their ambulance, dedicated to medical emergencies.

Health Club & Gym

Silicon has the best gym & fitness clubs in the city to promote a healthy lifestyle & wellness. The facility centre in Silicon is well equipped with health clubs, high-tech gym, meditation hall, ultra-modern audio-visual room, reading room, music club room, and indoor games for the all round development of students. These facilities are not limited to students only, members of Silicon, as well as guests, can take the advantage of them.

Yoga Center

Yoga is not a fad or a passing trend. It is a rich, spiritual, and enlightening practice that enrich the mind, body, & soul. To honour the growing popularity of yoga and healthy living, we have our own dedicated yoga hall to get the best out of “Asana & Pranayama”.

Campus Life Co-Ordination Committee (CCC)

The CCC is a body of Silicon residents both from boys & girls residences. They are elected/selected by the residence committee members for co-coordinating the Extracurricular/Co-curricular activities to ensure a vibrant campus life. The detail events are as follows:


This was not an event to test ones singing talent but it was a pure fun game. Though musical sense and knowledge of music was a must for the participation.

One Minute Game Show

This event consisted of a number of games which were to be completed in a time span of one minute. The motto is mainly to test the coordination of the team members, team sprite and presence of mind. The games provide cent percent entertainment.

Mehendi Competition

This event is only and only to test the artistic sense of the participants and that too in a limited time span. This event is eagerly awaited by the girls.

Silicon Idol

This is one of the biggest and eagerly anticipated events organized by the CCC. This event demands talent that too with a musical spirit. There are a lot of expectations from the participating singers as the stage and level, both are big.

Food Carnival

CCC gives a chance to the students to put up any food or game stall of their choice. The students enjoy a lot through these stalls during ‘ZYGON’ and cherish those enjoyable moments.

Residence Classes

These classes are conducted for the 1st year students basically in subjects depending on the students. This class is to clarify the dough’s which students have and also to build concepts in them in a friendly atmosphere and make them feel free to ask any sort of question. These classes are taken by the seniors.

Heritage Tour

This tour is organized every year by the CCC. This gives students a chance to know the culture and tradition of our Culturally rich Orissa. It can also be called an official picnic. This trip provides enjoyment to the hilt.

Terra Quiz

Nowadays, pollution and environmental degradation are major concerns all over the globe. Terra quiz was a quiz organized for hostelites to make them aware of the various environmental issues. International conferences, climate changes etc.


On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, CCC plans to make every hostelite feel at home. We celebrate together, enjoy together and dance together. What else there ‘DIWALI NIGHT’ which forces everyone to hit the dance floor.


On this holy occasion, we all celebrate with colours, make merry and then there is a sweet distribution which is the icing on the cake.

Blood Donation

A blood donation camp is organized every year in the month of March in association with Red Cross society. The motto is to encourage students to donate blood for the noble cause for saving a life.


The event was organized to test the aptitude and knowledge of the students in C programming. The event consisted of multiple choices 1st round and programming in the 2nd round.

New Year Celebration

This event was organized on New Year’s Eve for the residence. We celebrate the occasion, have many games, cut the cake and make merry.

Noesis, Annual Fest at Silicon Institute of Technology

Silicon institute organises its Annual Fest NOESIS, where talent meets opportunities, held every year in the month of Feb-March, which is of 2-3 days, NOESIS is the annual fest where students participate in different fun events and competitions like Bell the CAT, Get the Gate, quiz, MR. & MISS NOESIS, Corporate Roadies, Murder mystery,Junkyards warrior,3RS, Tug of war,face painting and the main driven part of the Noesis ROBOTICS- competition like Trace the path,manual soccer,boat sumo etc organized by Silicon Robotics club,students from different colleges participate and compete to win the prize amount.

ZEAL(Zenesis of Enthusiasm About Life)

ZEAL at Silicon Institute of Technology

In the rapidly changing society where the importance of human values and morality has been approved by all, but still, the helping hands are few. The words like ‘social equality’ and ‘eradication of social ills’ are mouthed by all but only a few take the initiative to bring a change.
These have been put in action by some young minds, who have really identified their responsibilities in the society through ZEAL. It is an Initiative to bring back the less privileged children to mainstream society and provide them with a platform for bright future.

ZEAL organizes SPLASH-“SPLASH” is a unique event to bring children from all epitome of society under the same roof. The event culminates with an Exhibition named “SEE MY WORLD”.


Silicon Institute of Technology Odisha

The Silicon Institute of Technology (Silicon) is always striving for improvements. Silicon is the Top ranked AICTE approved Engineering college in Odisha. Students of Silicon are performing well in GATE AND CAT, continuously striving for excellence!