Business English – A must-have soft skill | Importance of Business English


In a world with ever-growing levels of globalisation and interconnectivity, the importance of prompt and appropriate forms of communication increases rapidly. With trade relations between companies from all over the world, the need for a common language to communicate it is undeniable. English is the “lingua franca” of the world due to Westernization and globalization. Business English is a special branch, comprising the use of particular vocabulary and jargon, within the general studies of English due to them. A good grasp of the knowledge of English in general as well as a deep understanding of special forms is needed to successfully build a career in an international environment. The command over Business English is salient for both written and oral forms of professional communication, such as email, phone calls, meetings and many more.

Why is Business English important?

1. It conveys your disposition to go further on basic business standards.

Back in the early days of pre-globalization, knowing English was an asset. It was considered a mark of supercilious knowledge and elegance. It made you look impressive to people. Now, notwithstanding of your background, many bosses will presume you to understand the language, even if you received education in a different language or come from a place where English is barely spoken. This means that in order to leave a mark on your interviewer or boss, you have to show that you are exceptionally articulate and adroit in both speaking and writing the language.

2. Business English makes it easier to communicate with colleagues

Working in an office means teamwork and collaboration. Even if you are an introvert, you will have to interact with your colleagues. And that will be difficult if you don’t know the language they speak very well. In a worst-case series of developments, it may even lead to the misapprehension that might put your job at stake. Similarly, you need to know the right people to get the best job or a promotion at work. For that, you need superior networking skills. Your language and communication skills will develop on learning Business English. Ultimately, it will help you to decently convey and represent yourself in front of other people.

3. It is essential for demonstrating presentation and giving a talk.

Essential for demonstrating and giving a talk - Business English - A must-have soft skill - Importance of Business English

You cannot deliver a presentation to your team or be in charge of a board meeting if you are not able to speak in a language which everyone understands. It is necessary to speak the “common tongue” well, so you can translate your notion and opinion into cogent sentences that everyone can comprehend and respond to. Having a great idea is of no use if you can not express it successively.

4. Good pronunciations= Good first impression.

Speaking and writing business English are two divergent skills—you may write well, but unless you can speak distinctly and fluently, you are unlikely to leave a footprint in the workplace. People are judgemental- you are pronunciations is being judged( that’s a hard truth you just can not deny). Also, the type of English that is spoken differs from place to place. American English isn’t the same as British English. There are in fact notable differences in accents and pronunciation. Similarly, in India it is justifiable to blend words from Indian languages with English to be used during communication, leading to the formation of an amalgam language. So wherever you work, research the type of accent spoken in that area and try matching to it as much as you can. If your interviewer gets the impression that you are comfortable with the language, you are already halfway to getting the job.

5. It allows you to travel.

It allows you to travel - Business English - A must-have soft skill - Importance of Business English

If working for an international company and travelling around for your job seems like your calling, Business English is a must-have skill. After all, you don’t want to get into a situation where you are in a foreign country and no one can understand what you are saying, right?

The way you speak and communicate is also associated with your interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and level of empathy. Being eloquent in Business English is essentially a survival strategy in today’s ruthless, competitive world. It automatically improves your chances of climbing the corporate ladder. So start mastering this all-important language before it’s too late.